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7 Things that Let You Know You Are On The Wrong Diet

Let’s face it, there are a million online plans, diet books, systems and products promising weight loss, how is anyone to choose what is right for them and decipher the bogus noise? If you have tried or are currently attempting to lose weight and are experiencing the following after a couple weeks on any particular program then you should consider F…The Diet to end your rollercoaster ride and to truly start nourishing your body lean with the latest science to support this style of nutrition.


  1. HANGRY! Are you super hungry and moody most of the day? Then you are not nourishing your body and hormones properly. If you ate and then experience hunger within a couple hours after that feeding, then you ate a meal that was either hormonally inappropriate or not enough nourishment. When I say hormonally inappropriate I mean you ate a food or meal that most likely caused a blood sugar spike, leading to an insulin surge resulting in a blood sugar drop and signaling for fat storage within in the body. On F…The Diet you will nourish to support fat metabolism and not spike insulin. Your fuel source will be tapping into stored fat and not relying on eating every couple of hours. You will easily go hours without feeling true hunger or being a slave to 6 mini meals a day. By eating meals that keep blood sugar steady, you can take in MORE calories and still lose weight. If you have been on a severely restricted calorie diet, you deprive your body of much needed nutrients and calories to perform its most basic functions for life, no wonder you don’t feel energized and happy! Low calorie programs are damaging!

  2. FOOD OBSESSION. If you are focused on when can you eat next, prepping 5-7 meals a day or watching the clock to count the minutes until your next meal, then you are not nourishing properly. When your body is receiving real fuel and in a more ketogenic fat loss mode your focus will turn to other joys in life instead of being food obsessed because you will feel energized and really very satisfied. Your sugar cravings also get squashed and we have lots of fun recipes to treat your sweet tooth without going off the reservation.

  3. BODY NOT BUDGING. It has been weeks and you don’t notice a positive difference in how you feel or look. At a minimum, your should feel a difference in energy, mood, hunger patterns and motivation.

  4. MENSTRUATION GETS WORSE. Your period can definitely be impacted when you change up your fitness and food with any plan. But a truly healthy regimen should help improve and regulate symptoms like cramping and PMS. However, if you feel your cramps, moodiness, water retention or fertility are being negatively impacted you need to change your plan! F…The Diet nourishes hormones, has essential building blocks for hormonal and brain health, boosts fertility, helps balance bodily fluids and can reduce inflammation.

  5. WORKOUTS ARE SUFFERING. Low energy, feeling weak in the gym and it has been weeks or months on your current program, then you aren’t providing the proper fuel source or you have nutrition deficiencies or you may be dehydrated (meaning electrolytes, not just water intake).

  6. SLEEPLESSNESS. Did you start having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Waking up tired instead of well rested? There can be blood sugar issues, cortisol surges or nutritional deficiencies going on that are now negatively impacting your sleep. On F…The Diet, most clients report BETTER sleep quality, meaning more restful, rejuvenating sleep and waking feeling energized.

  7. NOT RETAINING MUSCLE OR BUILDING LEAN MASS. If you are working out hard and feeling softer or flabbier than your program isn’t supporting you well. That either means you aren’t getting the amino acid building blocks and nutrients needed for muscle growth OR your type of workouts aren’t serving you well. If you do long bouts of cardio and have very little focus on weight training, resistance training or sprint and explosive movements, then you may be eating into muscle instead of repairing and building muscle. F…The Diet shows you how to integrate resistance workouts our home that are quick and effective without a lot of equipment or time commitment.

Evaluate what you are currently doing. Take stock of your daily intake, your goals, how you are feeling, looking and thinking. Then consider joining our ladies on F…The Diet.

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