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Briana Michel has over a decade of transforming lives and bodies seen on over
50 different globally airing TV commercials for a wide variety of health and fitness products.  



Program combines a blood sugar reducing oral medication with 8 weeks of whole food nutritional coaching and at-home fitness regimen

Men and women ages 30-55

With 10-40 lbs to lose

Struggling with fat loss? Ugh! Controlling blood sugar and insulin production are key factors in managing a healthy weight.

This 8 week trial program combines the FDA approved oral form of prescription semaglutide with whole food nutritional coaching, convenient at-home fitness and online group support in a fun social environment to provide qualified participants with great tools to finally be successful in their weight loss goals.  

🌟 Transform Your Life with Our 8-Week Weight Loss Journey! 🌟


Are you ready to embark on a life-changing adventure that could land you on TV? 📺✨


Apply to take part in an exclusive 8-week weight loss program trial casting and unlock the secrets to shedding those extra pounds with a powerhouse combination of FDA-approved oral semaglutide, whole food nutrition coaching, at-home fitness routines, and uplifting online group support! 🏋️‍♀️🥗👥


🌱 Discover the Magic of Semaglutide: This trial program proudly features the groundbreaking FDA-approved oral semaglutide, scientifically proven to aid weight loss effectively. Experience the difference as your journey to a healthier you begins with this medical marvel but follows through with real sustainable lifestyle changes ✨


🍏 Master Whole Food Nutrition: Uncover the secrets of balanced eating with personalized whole food nutrition coaching. Our expert Holistic Nutrition Coach , Briana Michel, brings immense experience with over 50 weight loss trials' for a variety of fitness and health products and thousands of body transformation to guide you towards making nourishing choices that will leave you feeling energized and vibrant! 🍎🥦


🏋️‍♀️ Crush Your Fitness Goals at Home: Say goodbye to intimidating gyms! The at-home fitness routines are designed to fit your schedule and comfort. Watch as your body transforms with engaging workouts that combine seamlessly with your daily routine. It's time to feel strong and confident! 💪🏠


👥 Empowering Group Support: Connect with an intimate community of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey as you. Our online group support system offers a safe space to share triumphs, seek advice, and celebrate victories together. You're never alone on this path to success! 🤗👏


🎉 Be TV Ready!: Imagine the thrill of seeing your incredible results showcased on TV! As part of our trial casting, your progress could be the inspiration someone else needs to begin their own transformative journey. Your success story matters, and we're here to help you shine! I;Ve had hundreds of men and women showcase astounding transformations over the years and would love to see it be you now! 🌟📺


📢 Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to transform your life, boost your confidence, and inspire others. Submit your application today to to be considered for one of just 25 spots in our 8-week weight loss program trial casting. 




STEP 1: 

All candidates must fill out an online application (Click the APPLY NOW button below) and then submit current photos in proper attire to be considered for the next phase of pre-qualification.



Photos must be emailed to “

MUST USE THE SUBJECT LINE:  “Weight Loss Casting + (Your Name)”



    - Females: wear sports bra and shorts or 2-piece bathing suit (family friendly please!)

    - Men: wear athletic shorts or bathing suits trunks, no shirt


PHOTO POSING: (4 current photos are required following these guidelines) 

Photo 1: Forward Facing Headshot - close up smiling (NO face filters, No hats, No sunglasses)

Photo 2: Forward Facing Full Length- head to toe hands gently on hips with fingers together, head looking straight

Photo 3: Side Facing (profile) with arms our straight at chest height - stomach RELAXED

Photo 4: Rear Facing (back the camera) hands gently on hips - head looking straight



If we believe you may be a solid candidate after reviewing your photos and application, you will then be asked to go through the full on-boarding protocols in which all first time users of the medication would go through which includes:

  • Completing a more thorough online health intake form provided by the pharmaceutical company

  • Having bloodwork done in a timely fashion (at no charge to the participant) at a participating Quest Labs  

  • Complete a virtual physician consult with one of their licensed providers.

  • If you are cleared to participate you will then take part in the professional BEFORE photo shoot in Clearwater, FL. (Exact date of the shoot and program start is TBD) At the shoot is when you will receive the oral product and nutrition guidelines. After the shoot you will receive weekly workouts, access to the rpicate FAcebook page,. 

What Makes a Great Candidate?



  • Age 30-55

  • Reside in/around the Tampa Bay, FL area

  • Are well-spoken & out-going (No thick accents)

  • Are eager to make healthy lifestyle and nutritional changes

  • Are willing to take FDA Approved, oral dose semaglutide daily (if approved after the preliminary health screening and blood work are completed)

    • Note: Semaglutide is a GLP-1 agonist that works to aid in weight loss by increasing insulin, lowering glucagon and delaying gastric emptying and reducing appetite.

    • Participants will be required to fill out a medical intake form, participate in a free preliminary blood workup through participating Quest Labs and have a virtual physicians consult prior to being given full participation approval and receiving the OTC medication. 

  • Have great followthrough with things you commit to - no "text message dropouts" or "life is too busy" excuses - be in it to win it or don't take someones spot who will make the most of their opportunity! 

  • Are NOT dependent on alcohol or other recreational drugs

  • Will not be on extended travel during the 8 week trial program (exact dates forthcoming)

  • Deadline: SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 @ Midnight

  • Start Date: TBD (preliminary health protocols must first be met before we have an exact start date)

Who Should NOT Apply

You should not apply if you:

  • Are a Type 1 Diabetic

  • Have thyroid cancer, personal or family history of thyroid cancer

  • Are physically unable to participate in a basic at-home fitness regimen

  • Are unwilling to make nutritional changes

  • Are unwilling to have initial bloodwork taken at Quest Labs (no cost to participants)

  • Are unwilling to take oral semaglutide

  • Do not speak English clearly and easily

  • Are under a doctors supervision for any serious medical concerns

  • Are on multiple prescription medications

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