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We are privileged to have a world-class Human Performance institute in Tampa, FL that is dedicated to advancing health, quality of life and performance the science of nutrition and targeted supplementation.  The founders travel the world presenting their ground breaking research and today may be the day YOU become part of those results.

 I have the honor or being part fo their research team from a recruitment and study management standpoint.  The owners of ASPI (Applied Science and Performance Institute) are fastidious in their commitment to upholding high quality research standards. We currently have three study's we need committed participants for. Please click on a title below to learn moe

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Womens Iron Study

Feeling tired frequently? Have heavy menstrual periods? Brittle nails? Feel weak? Cold hands and feet? Get lightheaded or dizzy? 

It may be low iron to blame. Let's find out and see if it can be improved without the typical side effects of iron pills, like constipation.


Hormones, Vitality & Sexual Health Study

Between the ages of 30-49 and suspect your energy, libido and vital hormones may be tanking a bit? Lack the "drive" lately? Mood swings? Low energy? Yep, Yep, may be a little out of sorts. A key antioxidant may naturally help correct this imbalance. Get the full details for participation without any judgement! 


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