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Meet Briana

Hi there. Thanks for visiting! First thing you should know about me is every day around here is different from the one before. 


I have my hands in many different pots but don't let that fool you, they are all intertwined in a perfect harmony that allows for synergy and growth - for you AND me! 

I am a Holistic Nutrition Coach by trade for more than 15 years. For over a decade, I have used my nutrition, fitness and coaching abilities to produce impactful, jaw-dropping, real before and after results for testimonials in close to 50 different TV commercials that air around the globe. (see some past commercials here


On a weekly basis I find new faces, as well as pull from my database of great talent and connect them with producers I know, like and trust to afford more people in the Tampa Bay area the opportunity to have a fun, unique experience by being in paid TV commercials. 

I love many aspects of commercial production that I happily take on multiple roles; not only am I a commercial host, before and after producer and talent scout, I am also a detail-oriented locations manager for both large and small productions. I find the perfect backdrop for what the Director envisions to tell their story then facilitate all the details from pre-production such as permitting, parking logistics, road closures, police presence, specific property owner requests, etc through making sure the actual shoot day goes more smoothly by anticipating challenges and being on site to navigate any issues as they arise.

If you ask me what I am, I don't have a one word answer, but what I can proudly say is that "I am a blessed mom of two beautiful, smart girls, a Body Transformation Coach with a heck of a track record, a TV Commercial Host, a doer, a people and places connecter, an artist, a blended fat coffee drinker and a forever dreamer and creator". Yes, that sums it up nicely... for now!

The most important thing I want to know today is... How can I help better your world, health or experiences today?

My girls
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Where to Next?



Join us for a fun on-camera TV experience. See all current castings and a role might be a right fit for you! 

Loving this!! Theres always at least one transformation in each group that is this jaw dro


See current FREE Body Transformation trials for TV commercial products. All programs combine Briana's proven effective holistic nutrition coaching with trial product/program. 



Commercial Host

Before & After Trial Management

Location Management

Full Commercial Production

Content Creation for Products

Product Manufacturing & Distribution

Third Party Scientific Claims

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Take part in advancing the science of nutrition, supplementation and human performance by taking part in one of the many research trial programs we conduct each year in partnership with ASPI in Tampa. 

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