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Whether you have been involved in commercial productions before and are eager to do more or want to dip your toes in for the first time, we have so many castings popping up all over the Tampa Bay, FL area there may be a role that is right for you.
If not today, maybe tomorrow so make sure to subscribe to my email announcements and follow my Facebook page which is the first place all castings are posted.  


Please follow ALL instructions for your application to be considered. 


Are you living and loving the intermittent fasting lifestyle? Have you been experiencing positive results from this lifestyle shift? Would you be willing to add a nutritional shake to your breaking of the fast? Would you also want to tell the world how great IMF has been for you to inspire others to live healthier? 


  • Men and Women Ages 28-59 living in Tampa Bay, FL

  • Who MUST currently practice Intermittent Fasting

  • Who have lost weight in the past 12 months using IMF 

  • Well-spoken, no thick accents


  • Participants will use a nutritional shake for a minimum of 7 days to break their fast

  • After the trial period, participants will come into a professional production studio in Clearwater, FL to talk about the addition of the shake to their IMF lifestyle and their overall IMF experience and experienced benefits. 

  • Participants will continue their normal diet and exercise regimen, the only alteration is the addition of the shake. 


  • Free product supply 

  • $250 time/travel compensation for coming into the Clearwater, FL studio (Paid by check net 30 days from the shoot day)



Fill out the form by clicking the "Apply Now" button 


Email with subject "Shake Casting" 

- Include your name, phone # and CURRENT full length photos in athletic or fitted casual wear (keep it family appropriate attire please)

*********** IMPORTANT ************

  • Do NOT send photos wearing a hat, sunglasses or that have been edited/altered or have filters on them.

  • Photos should be good resolution and in decent lighting

  • Photos MUST represent your current weight and overall look...meaning...Don't send us your best night club pics from 5 years ago or swimsuit pics from a decade ago!).

  • If you don't have a good quality photo from within the past 30 days please walk out into natural light, smile and have a friend or family member snap some photos of you - easy!

What to Know:
You do not need to have professional acting or modeling experience to apply. Nor do you need to have expensive professional headshots.
What you do NEED is a professional demeanor, a quick response time, a positive attitude and excellent followthrough.
If you are new to production you should know this can be fast moving or it can be "hurry up and wait", so being flexible and understanding is the best way to come into this business and have longevity here.  
  • Always send CURRENT photos, meaning, the same hair color and style and for men the same facial hair that you would show up to set with. If you wear wigs, change up your cut/color often, etc then make sure you are sending photos that represent the most current you. 
  • Send one headshot smiling (show the pearly whites)
  • Send 2-3 lifestyle full-length photos in different outfits, for example casual (jeans and t-shirt, athletic wear and business casual or date night attire) 
  • DO NOT send photos wearing sunglasses or hats.
  • Do not apply filters, skin touch ups/blurring or use black and white photos.
  • Simple naturally lit photos that represent the day-to-day, put-together version of you are perfect.
  • We typically want to see you more natural and not over glammed up. This especially applies to children who are being submitted. Please do not send in pageant-style photos - we want kids to look like kids. 
Not all roles will require speaking, but if you are applying for a speaking role you will need to do a self-taped audition. This is typically 30-60 seconds with your name, age, occupation, an answer or description of whatever topic the casting producer may request or something interesting about yourself. 
  • If your casting requires a video submission BE YOURSELF. Do not write a script and read from it. We are looking for people who can speak from the heart and head as if talking to a friend (unless otherwise directed) not reading from a piece of paper. 
  • Do NOT make your tape long-winded. We have a lot of people to get through and if we think you cannot be concise and respect people's time you may not get chosen because they won't want super long-winded people on set to slow production down. 
Why is booking a paid commercial through Briana great?

1. You often earn more than you would if signing with an agency. The rate that is listed is your full take-home pay! 

2. You will feel prepared. I will make sure you have all the details and are prepared for your shoot. I handle all invoicing on your behalf, so your focus is showing up on time, prepared and doing your best on the day of the shoot.

3. You will only be working with production companies I have had positive and professional experiences with. I do not list castings from unfamiliar sources. I have been in TV production in the Tampa Bay, FL area since 2010. 

4. I am on your side. I am focused on you having a positive experience, if there are any issues that arise (although rare) you come to me and I will be your advocate. 

5. Increase your odds. Production companies and directors come to me to find new talent. They come to me looking for fresh faces instead of always seeing repeats from the talent agencies. I intentionally pitch a very select pool of candidates that really get noticed by producers and your chances of booking if I submit you directly go up. 

6. You get paid faster! Industry-standard is to pay NET 30, meaning you receive a check 30-days from the invoice date after the shoot. I submit your invoice the day you show up to set. If you were to book through another agency, they would be paid first at 30 days then you would eventually receive a check from your agent... which can be upwards of 45-90 days in some cases. My talent are paid no later than 30 days and some jobs pay the same day or within days of wrapping. Just ask! 

I do require that if you book a job through me initially, that if you are then contacted to book another job from that same producer or client that you refer them back to me for your booking. They typically will contact me but should they forget and connect directly with you, it is your professional courtesy to refer them back to me.
Otherwise, you will not be submitted for future castings with me again, this is fair.
**By submitting to ANY of my castings you agree to this above terms**
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