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Chocolate Walnut Protein Swirl Smoothie

This creation came out of being bored with the standard smoothie ingredients and wanting to create something delicious and nutritious that might also satisfy that occasional chocolate craving, but nourish the body instead of inflame it. Watch the making of the Chocolate Walnut Protein Smoothie HERE and get the printable recipe below

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Chocolate Walnut Protein Smoothie

Author: Briana

Recipe type: Protein Smoothie

Prep time: 4 mins

Total time: 4 mins

Serves: 8oz


  1. 1 scoop chocolate low carb protein (whey or plant based, NOT soy)

  2. 2 tsp chia seeds

  3. 1 Tbsp hemp seeds

  4. ¾ cup walnut milk

  5. 1 Tbsp coconut cream

  6. Ice to desired consistency


  1. Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Great post workout smoothie but can be had at any time.

3.5.3226 I get a lot of the staple ingredients online for ease of shopping. If you don’t like going to many places either to make one recipe sometimes here are some  quick links to help

  1. Chia Seeds

  2. Hemp Seeds or these Hemp hearts (same thing 2 brands

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Well in this short time, I’ve lost a few pounds but have gained a more than a few things: I have greatly reduced carb and sugar cravings, eliminated my usual mid -afternoon crash, eliminated brain fog that made me so exhausted, and the jury is still out but I’m pretty sure my PMS symptoms are 90% reduced. I feel better & more energized! Briana is there every step of the way! – Christine B.

“I’m feeling pretty fantastic. I have dropped a few of my stubborn pounds that have been hanging on for dear life. I had already lost about 20 pounds this last year and seriously wasn’t budging. I am fitting in my clothes better. I am motivated and making better choices. It is becoming second nature to pick the healthier option over the junk. I’m no longer having the intense constant cravings for sugars and breads. (Every now and again, I do still want something… but I’ve learned how to substitute with healthy and approved options.) My husband and kids are even starting to eat better and exercise with me, asking if our choices are good ones. I’ve never eaten so many veggies in my life and I’m liking it. I’m able to accurately eyeball food without the scale and be pretty close to the correct portions now. I had a tiny bite of cake my daughter made, which I normally would have enjoyed, and I didn’t even like it… at all. My extended family tell me I look healthy and the best of all… my blood sugar levels have been fabulous. Not just better, but exactly where they are supposed to be and steady too. I can’t wait until my next endocrinologist appointment. The great part of this group is the guidance from Briana and answering all of our questions. She helps us with diet, exercise, planning, and anything that goes with this process. The other ladies in this group are also amazing and super supportive of each other and that really does make a difference. I’m loving it! These are definitely changes and alterations I could not have done by myself.” – Jennifer B.

“F…The Diet written by Briana Michel has been the answer to my carb craving struggles! Incorporating this way of eating in my life has been a MAJOR game changer because I feel constantly full and don’t crave sugary unhealthy carbs anymore!  <3” Mindy T.

“I’m officially down 12 lbs and I’m sitting here wondering how this is possible. I’ve NEVER lost weight this quick. Briana, you’re on to something here because combining a good fat and a protein at each meal keeps me full. When I get snacky at night (usually around 9), I have a cup of tea. I thought I would gain some water weight back after my wisdom tooth removal but I haven’t. F the diet for sure because this new meal plan works! …it’s so crazy because I’m never hungry and I don’t feel like I’m actually losing weight because I’m always full. Although I notice that I just want to eat just for the sake of eating. Breaking that habit! – Kim G.

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