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Who you are as a woman and a mother will in large part determine who your daughter will become.

Leading with strength, love, self respect, confidence, pride, integrity, honor, compassion and through nutrition and fitness will give your children the tools they need to see, feel, experience and embody to become their best selves and good humans along the way.

Our daughters are always watching, listening, absorbing and emulating. You are constantly communicating your values, feelings of self-worth and self-respect to them through your own self-talk and daily actions. 

I took this photo of my daughter flexing against a white cyc wall when she was 3 1/2 years old. We had just wrapped a commercial shoot and she had been on set with me. When I saw my shadow behind her I asked her to pose in way that made her feel strong. To me this image is POWERFUL not only because it foreshadows the type of woman my daughter may become but it is also the symbolism that I am her protector, creator and biggest encourager. 

I revisit this image every so often and when my second daughter was born, this is one of the photos I framed and put in the nursery so she could one day understand she too is strong and being loved and watched over by her mother and her sister.

If you took this same Mother-Daughter Confidence Photo Challenge… what would your picture say about you both?


Ask your daughter(s) to pose in a way that makes her (them) feel strong and proud. Stand behind her (them) and do the same pose with her (them). Use a light to create your shadows.  

What feelings does this conjure up for you and for her?

Do you feel like a proud strong mother? Are you proud of the physique standing behind hers?

What can you improve?

What honest and positive lines of communication can you open up with your girl(s)?

📸Post your pic on Instagram and Pinterest with the hashtag #WhoSheWillBecome

I want to start a confidence movement among females of all ages and I want mothers to start evaluating their own actions and verbalizations around their daughters. We can join together to create an incredible next generation of strong, good humans! 

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