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Blue Coconut Icing Pancakes

As a mom, I am always trying to come up with creative ways to get my oldest daughter to try new foods or to not be bored with foods we have pretty regularly. I also love the idea of boosting the nutrient and antioxidant value of any particular food. I stumbled on the superfood powders by and have been experimenting with colorful fun recipes for the entire family.

You can see more recipes like the Pink Unicorn Smoothie, Pink Unicorn Yogurt and Blue Mug Muffin at But I thought I would share the creative love over on this blog as well.

Keeping in line with my #FtheDiet guidelines of being gluten-free and grain free these pancakes are higher fiber, lower carb and topped with a healthy fat icing. Creating a meal you love should also mean nourishing the life you want. We absolutely are what we eat and therefore should derive value from our meal choices.

These paleo friendly pancakes are actually pink in person due to the addition of pitaya powder, which hails from the Dragon Fruit. Not only does this deep magenta powder make recipes colorful without artificial and harmful dyes, but it boasts a high antioxidant component. It also contains fiber, vitamin C and essential fatty acids. The blue color comes from a blend of spirulina and Butterfly Pea powder (which is from a flower).

The blue powder is really net because depending on the pH of the food will change color from different hues of blue all the way to a deep purple. The blue powder I used was called Ocean Blend and also had coconut powder, ginger and cinnamon mixed in with it which 1) masked the earthy taste of the spirulina and Butterfly pea as well as added a nice sweet spice profile to coconut based icing. If you give these a go please post them on your Instagram with the hashtag #fthediet so I can see how yours turned out!

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Blue Coconut Icing Pancakes


  1. Pancakes:

  2. ¾ cup almond flour

  3. ¼ cup spelt flour (or other gf powder)

  4. ¼ tsp baking powder

  5. 2 tsp pink pitaya powder (you can also use beet powder)

  6. 2 tsp xylitol

  7. 2 whole eggs

  8. ¼ cup heavy whipping cream

  9. 1 tsp grass-fed butter, melted

  10. Icing:

  11. 2 Tbsp Coconut manna, melted

  12. ½ tsp Ocean Blend (or other blue superfoods powder) (Links in blog)


  1. Combine all dry ingredients for the pancakes. In a separate bowl whip eggs, cream and butter. Whisk the dry ingredients into the wet mixture. Heat skillet on medium heat. Spray non-stick spray. Pour batter into circles on the warm skillet. Cook until golden and then flip.

  2. For Icing:

  3. Melt coconut manna and stir in the blue superfoods powder. Spoon over warm pancakes. Eat while warm! Enjoy!

3.5.3251 Ocean Blue Powder used in recipe

Pink Pitaya Powder used in recipe

(I do NOT receive any monetary or other compensation for the products mentioned in this blog. They are just items I like and personally use)

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