Healthy Food

If you dedicated just 60-days to learning and implementing positive nutritional changes and incorporated fun at-home fitness, PLUS the coaching and support of a Holistic Nutrition & Fitness Expert with a track record of thousands of successful clients AND had the support of others like you along the way... 


And hey, being on TV is a real great (fun) motivator too! 

Briana Michel has over a decade of transforming lives and bodies for more than

45 globally airing TV commercials





We are looking for motivated:

  • MEN (Ages 30-65) 

  • WOMEN (Ages 27-65)

  • 10 - 40 lbs. to lose to be at a healthy, lean weight (carries weight in mid-section especially)

  • Must reside in the Tampa Bay, FL area

  • Well-spoken, out-going, 

  • Speaks English clearly

  • Ready to make nutrition changes

  • Wants to improve gut health

  • Able to implement at-home fitness

  • Generally healthy

  • No tattoos on stomach, neck, hands or full sleeves (please submit photos of tattoos that will show in bathing suit - evaluated on per person basis)

  • Strong follow-through in things you commit to

  • Does well in a small group setting

  • Will not be traveling for more than 3-4 days from April - June (our 8 week program will fall in this time frame) 

  • See below for more details and to apply



(A combination of probiotics, prebiotics & natural ingredients to improve the gut microbiome)

All participants will follow a 60-day healthy nutrition program, take the gut health supplement and participate in an at-fitness regimen. 

  • Participants before and after results as well as video testimonial may air in a television commercial and/or social media advertising for the product.

  • There is NO COST to participate.

  • 60-day supply of the gut health supplement

  • Receive a holistic nutrition plan and education on gut health as well as coaching and support for the 60 days. 

  • Provided an at-home fitness regimen to follow

  • Live  periodic group Q & A support calls

  • Weekly virtual weigh-ins

  • Your dedication and follow through is your "payment" for an incredible opportunity - no actual monetary cost to you to participate! 


  • Mandatory participation in the professional in-studio "before" shoot (May 1, 2021) AND "after" photo and video shoot (June 26, 2021) 

    • (Note: Men will be in athletic shorts and no shirt, women, depending on comfort level and body type will be in either a 2 piece bathing suit or sports bra and fitted shorts or capri leggings). Must reside in/around the Tampa Bay, FL area to be eligible for participation

  • Taking the required gut health supplement as directed. 

  • 60-days of following a healthy nutrition program to NOURISH you lean. This is NOT a deprivation diet! Nutrition program is not adapted for vegans (must be willing to consume some animal based proteins for instance, eggs, fish/seafood, chicken)

  • 60-days of online group support - requires active participation in the private Facebook page

  • Weekly Virtual Weigh-Ins (from home)

  • Periodic group video calls for education, support, overcoming challenges & motivation

  • Following a mandatory at-home fitness schedule 

  • Regular communication with Briana throughout the program

  • Doing your best for 60-days and providing honest, thorough feedback at the after-shoot. 

  • There is NO COST TO PARTICIPATE. You are NOT BUYING anything - you are part of a trial transformation group for a commercial product. 

  • Your application is NOT a "sign-up", it is an audition for a spot on the trial program team and does not mean you are automatically part of the program. We have limited spots and will do our best to choose the candidates that will be the right fit not only for us, but for you as well. We want anyone who is chosen to be incredibly successful, so if we don't think this program may be the right fit for you we will let you know. 

After you submit your application by clicking the "Apply Now" button BELOW you will need to email ( photos following the guidelines below.

Your application is NOT COMPLETE until we have received both YOUR FORM AND YOUR PHOTOS. 


Photos MUST follow these guidelines: 


1. Headshot smiling (can be from phone. No sunglasses, No hats,        No filters, No black & white pics)

2. Full length forward facing photo (men in athletic shorts no shirt and women in 2 piece bathing suit OR sports bra and shorts)

3. Full length side facing (profile) in above attire

4. Full length rear facing (back to camera) in above attire

5. If you have any tattoos that are visible in this outfit, please send    closeups of those as well

6. Optional lifestyle photo (in regular or athletic clothes)