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Hormonal Health, Anti-Aging & Vitality 

STUDY IS FOR: Men and women wanting to potentially improve their hormonal & sexual health. This research study will be looking at the dose dependent effects of the antioxidant called "geranylgeraniol" sourced from annatto seed on testosterone, mood, libido, estradiol and CBC panel. 

  • AGE: 30-49 years old

  • DURATION: 8 Weeks

  • START DATE: March 2022

  • # OF ONSITE TESTING VISITS: 3  total visits (baseline, week 4 and week 8)

  • LOCATION: ASPI (Tampa, FL)

  • PERKS: $25 per visit, 8 weeks of the antioxidant supplement, free DXA scan & blood work results

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  • Reside in/around the Tampa Bay area 

  • Are between the ages of 30-49 years old


  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Metabolic Disease

  • Endocrine Disease

  • Have had a surgery that impacts digestion and/or absorption

  • Cigarette Smoker

  • Drink more than 7 alcoholic beverages per week as a female and more   than 14 as a male. 

  • Hypotensive

  • Hypertensive

  • Undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

  • On Hormone Boosting Supplements (natural or synthetic)

  • Taking anti-diabetic meds

  • Taking anti-platelet medsTaking anti-coagulant meds

  • Taking Beta Blockers

  • Taking meds for erectile dysfunction

  • Currently breastfeeding or have been within the past 3 months

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Geranylgeraniol (GG) is an endogenous nutrient in our body that declines as we age. It is essential for protein synthesis and the production of testosterone, progesterone, CoQ10 and MK4. It may also help with the management of sarcopenia (muscle loss due to aging or inactivity). Extracted from the annatto plant, this key ingredient replenishes GG levels lost due to aging or pharmaceutical drugs (cholesterol-lowering statins in particular). Daily use of may help promote normal energy levels and provide anti-aging benefits. (scroll down to learn more!)

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STEP 1: (Men & Women)


STEP 2: (Men Only)
Men will also be required to take an AMS Questionnaire - click "Additional Questionnaire for Men Only" button after you fill out the application if you are male

STEP 3: (Men & Women)
Briana will be in contact with you about study dates and any additional info that may be needed


​Male and Female Measures

Anthropometric Measurements: 

Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scan determined body composition, body mass index (BMI), handgrip dynamometry. ($250 value - FREE! Will receive the detailed print out to take home)


Metabolic and Safety:

Full safety panel (CBC and CMP including liver and kidney) and adverse events monitoring. One additional serum sample per subject will be stored at -80℃ for up to 6 months following the trial for additional analysis options.  



  • Blood Pressure 



  • Quality of life (SF-36)

  • Sexual health questionnaire

  • Derogatis interview for sexual functioning self report (DISF-SR)

  • Perceived stress scale 10 (PSS-10)

  • Sleep quality index

  • Multidimensional fatigue index

  • International physical activity questionnaire (IPAQ)

  • Energy Visual Analogue Scale 


Hormones Related Measures 

  • Bioavailable and Total Testosterone

  • Serum Estradiol and progesterone 

  • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin


Male Specific Measures

  • Aging male symptoms (AMS) questionnaire

  • Erectile dysfunction inventory for treatment satisfaction (EDITS)


  • Erectile hardness satisfaction (EHS) scale 

  • Sexual health inventory for men (SHIM) questionnaire

  • Index of erectile function (IIEF-5)

  • Androgen deficiency in aging male (ADAM) questionnaire (if age > 40 years)


Female Specific Measures

  • Hot flashes and night sweats (if age>40)

  • Female sexual function index questionnaire

Geranylgeraniol (GG) Potential Benefits


Muscle Protein Synthesis

Age-related losses of muscle mass and strength are major contributors to reduced quality of life and loss of independence for older individuals. Research suggests that replenishing GG exogenously can maintain muscle health and function*.

CoQ10 Synthesis

GG acts as a building block to promote normal CoQ10 levels with statin application, restore mitochondrial function and support healthy muscles in a synchronous approach*.

Bone Health

Vitamin K is needed for proper functioning of proteins that deposit calcium into bones and teeth while inhibiting calcification of soft tissues such as blood vessels, kidney, gallbladder and joints. Supplementation with GG may be a helpful strategy to replenish stores of this essential nutrient and ensure the preservation of its arterial and bone health benefits*.

Hormone Regulation

Decline in testosterone has been linked to chronic diseases and shortened life expectancy. In testis-derived cells, GG was shown to help steroidogenesis, promoting not only testosterone synthesis, but also synthesis of its precursor, progesterone*.