To Wear a Mask or Not to Wear a Mask – Why are we arguing?

I don’t really care to dispute your personal choice of mask-wearing or no mask-wearing, nor do I care to EVER talk politics especially when it comes to health. I am not here to change EVERYONE’s opinions. I simply want to put a LITTLE perspective on the topic in a way some people may have not yet thought about.  You are correct if you say that surgical and fabric masks DO NOT prevent every last iota of a virus from getting through or coming out. I’m not sure anyone is claiming them to be 100% effective as preventative means, do they?
The POINT of a mask is to LESSEN exposure. Just consider these two examples:
1. Bleach if poured directly on your skin can burn and irritate, BUT a dilute bleach bath is often a remedy of dermatologists for treating atopic dermatitis. Because it is DILUTED you get some benefit of killing bacteria, fungi and viruses on the skin. For atopic derm the killing of the bacteria can help with symptoms of dermatitis without the irritating effects. Wearing a mask CUTS down on the amount of saliva that makes it airborne or lands from your laughing, coughing, talking mouth to people and surfaces near you. No one is claiming it is 100% effective. But DILUTING our exposure may be what is needed for someone who is immune-compromised or metabolically unhealthy needs to be able to fight THAT AMOUNT of exposure. There is a difference when it comes to our ability to fight a virus if say you grab a doorknob after someone who was in contact with someone else with confirmed COVID-19 – you may get a very “watered down amount” then if you were to drink a shot glass of the infected persons’ saliva – BIG difference in what your immune system now needs to handle.
2. Ever been on a screened-in porch when it starts to rain or the sprinklers come on. That initial spray across the screen allows a little LESS of the water to come in and on you. That is like what wearing a mask does. Now imagine a double screen (like when TWO people talking are wearing masks) even less spray makes it onto the porch initially. That is all I am saying when it comes to masks… Every bit we can dilute the amount that reaches us or someone else the better chance we have at our immune systems fighting the invaders. It’s really that simple.
And YES the mask box labels have to accurately and legally say that they do not stop the spread because it doesn’t stop the spread… it LESSENS the amount in the air when worn by two people near each other. Not to mention having a mask on has 2 additional benefits – it typically makes people engage less and talk less (in my personal observations so far) and it keeps you mindful of not putting your hands to your nose or mouth.
Back to the box labels – Legally they cannot claim it to be 100% effective in stopping the transmission because it is true it doesn’t. So when I originally posted on Facebook about wearing masks a few people posted photos of the box label disclaimers.  I don’t need any more people posting pics of the labels claims – I get it! I am NOT disputing a mask as being the end all be all for stopping COVID-19 or the flu for that matter. And my previous post was about us building up our immune systems so this virus isn’t so damaging to so many people… it WASN’T ever saying that if you wear a mask and you won’t get a virus.
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