Success Stories

Laura Flex 60

"[some of my favorite things about F The Diet program are] the formula provided for eating at each meal and the Facebook group was really supportive and awesome. No more brain fog! [I'm] sleeping better and have less bloating. [My goals are now] to keep this program for preparing for pregnancy and general health."

Laura S.
Lost 10 lbs and 17.5 inches

"Just wanted to say thanks again for all your hard work and knowledge. I’ve had such an enjoyable time and feel that this is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever undertaken. You’ve helped me find the missing pieces that have prevented me from the results I’ve always desired. If I work out twice a day, I need to see results. Thanks to you, I have. I’ll forever be grateful for everything you’ve done. I’m so jazzed up right now, I want to do it again."

Rob H.
Lost 30 lbs in 8 days

Rob H B A for quote on site
Karina S skinny jeans

"The program was easy and I also learned a lot about improving our overall health...My attitude changed when I noticed how fast the program worked. I was positive and motivated."

Karina S.
Lost 11 lbs and 17 inches in 60 days

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"I love coffee, so a diet that still allowed it made me very happy! I enjoyed my transformation and becoming a healthier woman with good habits and teaching ym daughter to eat healthier...I noticed I am waking up early and not hungry/thinking about food all the time. [I enjoy] that I can still make family meals, there are tons of options and recipes. I am very thankful for this opportunity and appreciate Briana for all of the advice and help!"

Carrie R.
Lost 17+ lbs. and 24 inches in 60 days

Carrie S Flex 60

"I feel amazing and this has been such an easy "diet" to follow...It was awesome to learn about how fat is good for uou and just how bad sugar is and it can make you feel. I used to be so addicated to sugar it was crazy...I don’t have the stomach issues and sick feeling I used to always have. I have more energy too! I don’t feel bloated and miserable all the time and I don’t turn to food for comfort"

Kacey G.
lost 8 lbs and 14.5 inches in 60 days

I'm officially down 12 lbs. (in under 3 weeks) and I'm sitting here wondering how this is possible. I've NEVER lost weight this quick. Briana, you're on to something here... each meal keeps me full. When I get snacky at night (usually around 9), I have a cup of tea.... F the Diet for sure because this new meal plan works! ...It's so crazy because I'm never hungry and I don't feel like I'm actually losing weight because I'm always full.

Kim G.

I'm feeling pretty fantastic. I have dropped a few of my stubborn pounds that have been hanging on for dear life. I had already lost about 20 pounds this last year and seriously wasn't budging. I am fitting in my clothes better. I am motivated and making better choices. It is becoming second nature to pick the healthier option over the junk. I'm no longer having the intense constant cravings for sugars and breads. (Every now and again, I do still want something... but I've learned how to substitute with healthy and approved options.)


My husband and kids are even starting to eat better and exercise with me, asking if our choices are good ones. I've never eaten so many veggies in my life and I'm liking it. I'm able to accurately eyeball food without the scale and be pretty close to the correct portions now. I had a tiny bite of cake my daughter made, which I normally would have enjoyed, and I didn't even like it... at all. My extended family tell me I look healthy and the best of all... my blood sugar levels have been fabulous. Not just better, but exactly where they are supposed to be and steady too. I can't wait until my next endocrinologist appointment.


The great part of this group is the guidance from Briana and answering all of our questions. She helps us with diet, exercise, planning, and anything that goes with this process. The other ladies in this group are also amazing and super supportive of each other and that really does make a difference. I'm loving it! These are definitely changes and alterations I could not have done by myself.

Jennifer B.

I've been going to the gym faithfully for a few years. I've considered myself im decent shape and didn't think I could change much more without some crazy drastic, eat 5 nuts diet.....Briana Michel had proven me wrong. Not only have I lost the hardest pounds to lose, my workouts are much more effective. I feel great and changing what and how I eat is what has help put me here. I've had multiple people approach me and ask what I'm doing, so here's YOUR chance to get in the know and let Briana help you too!! She's worth every penny AND you don't need to live in Tampa either!


I feel completely different about my body. For once, I have no problem wearing a 2 piece. Legs seem slimmer overall and I'm very happy with my abs. If I lose a couple more pounds in the process it will be a bonus but I'm feeling quite content for once about my body. Only down 7 pounds (in less than 3 weeks) but gee it makes a difference in how one feels

Chanelle B.

Briana Michel is the REAL deal! Her clean eating "F...The Diet" lifestyle and eating program is responsible for eliminating my sugary carb cravings and makes me feel constantly full. Oh and by the way the "F" for me stands for "FORGET" She's very hands on and constantly makes herself available to those of us who are a part of her group. She also writes hardcore workouts for us that can be done from home. Briana is also a proud, hard working mama who walks the walk and talks the talk as she raises her adorable daughter. I'll be using her "F...The Diet" for the rest of my life. She's got an awesome opportunity coming up so please check it out!

Mindy T.

Words cannot express my gratitude to Briana for the wonderful guidance and wisdom that she imparted to us that helped us change our lives! Briana you are an empowerer of people seeking to change their lives and make a difference. You need your own informercial!!! The Briana Way to Health!... my blood pressure dropped from 130s over 90s down to 108 over 77! Not to mention how good I feel and look!

Brian E.

Lost 34 lbs.

I do not feel deprived, I feel fueled. I'm NOT on a diet, and I don't feel as I am. I don't feel the need to explain myself to anyone, either. I feel better and my love handles are disappearing (they haven't budged at even my thinnest.) My mentality has shifted from thinking this was an obligation, towards accepting it as my lifestyle and appreciating it for what it is doing for my body, inside and out. I hadn't realized how dependent on carbs I was and how they were contributing to my fatigue. The shift in my thinking happened sometime this week and I'm pretty excited about it!

Christine B.