Natural supplement study for ALL fitness levels – recovery & body composition


Men and Women


Tampa, FL Area




4 weeks of home workouts and 3 testing days on site


  • Looking for men and women who are of average fitness level. (You can range from somewhat active to very active but you do NOT need to be an athlete or have a current regular fitness regimen)
  • Must be of a healthy average weight or slightly overweight. NOT obese (as determined by BMI of less than 30 (click here to calculate BMI)
  • Ages 18 – 65 (the ages are absolute since this is an IRB approved research study)
  • Ideal candidates must be able to train 2 days per week for 5 weeks at ASPI (5850 W Cypress St Tampa, FL 33607) – and must be willing to train even when sore from previous workouts.
  • Your two training days per week will be EITHER Monday and Thursday OR Tuesday and Friday.Β 
  • Training has been moved to an AT-HOME protocol – you will follow along with ASPI Trainer created workouts twice a week. (If anything changes with the COVID-19 restrictions and we are able to bring you back on site for training we may do that – with social distancing guidelines.)

NOTE: Briana is NOT the researcher, product manufacturer or in any way associated with the product testing and creation other than to find and organize qualified participants and handle the logistics throughout the process. The Applied Science and Performance Institute(ASPI) is conducting the research with its team of highly skilled masters and Ph.D. level researchers. The study has full IRB approval. The supplement being tested is on behalf of the manufacturer of the supplement and not directly affiliated with ASPI or Briana Michel.Β 

Candidates are disqualified if they:

  • have endocrine issues/disease
  • have cardiovascular disease/issues
  • have metabolic disease/issues
  • have autoimmune disorders
  • had a surgery that prohibits proper digestion and absorption
  • are smokers (nicotine users)
  • are heavy drinkers (more than 7 drinks per week as a female and more than 14 drinks per week as a male)
  • are pregnant or trying to become pregnant
  • are on medications to control blood pressure, lipids or glucose (L-carnitine may lower blood pressure)
  • are taking NSAIDs regularly
  • are taking anabolic steroids
  • have injuries that prevent weight and cardio training
  • Have a BMI over 30 (click here to calculate BMI)


The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of L-carnitine supplementation for its effects on muscle recovery, muscle mass, fat mass, strength, and power in the general population.

(Naturally, occurring L-Carnitine is essential for aerobic energy metabolism through its critical role in the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria (the powerhouse of cell functioning)Β 

The study will focus onΒ testing the effects of the supplement on:

  • Preserving Muscle

  • Speeding Recovery (antioxidant production/preservation)

  • Improving Performance

  • Decreasing Oxidative Stress

  • Improving Power Output

  • Decreasing Fat Mass

  • Increasing Lean Mass


  • Survey (perception)
  • Body Composition Scan (accurate lean vs fat mass scan)
  • Blood analysis
  • Saliva analysis
  • Β 2 physical performance measures of strength/force output (mid-thigh pull & vertical jump)


  • DAY 1 – Baseline Testing: May 4 OR May 5, 2020 (

    (testing times will be staggered to comply with social distancing))

What to Expect:

    • DEXA Body Composition Analysis
      • Measures: Body Composition (fat vs lean mass)
    • Blood Draw (small amount)
      • Measures: Oxidative, and Muscle Damage Markers
    • Salivary Measures; Spitting into a small tube.
      • Measures: Markers of Muscle Damage
    • Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull
      • Measures: Strength
    • Force Plate Mechanography
      • Measures: Vertical Jump Performance, Stability, and Mechanics
    • Visual Analog Scales

Week 1 – WEEK 4: (May 11- June 5) Training Week – Train 2x/week (AT HOME due to COVID-19)

  • Monday/Thursday Group Β 
  • Β Tuesday/Friday Group


  • Monday (6/8/20) – (allow 80-90 min on site)
    • Group A – repeat all baseline testing (Saliva, Blood, DEXA & Strength Measures)
    • Leg Exhaustion Protocol (allow up to 60 min for this workout on-site)
  • Tuesday (6/9/20)Β 
    • Group B – repeat all baseline testing (Saliva, Blood, DEXA & Strength Measures)
    • Leg Exhaustion Protocol (allow up to 60 min for this workout on-site)
  • Wednesday (6/10/20)Β 
    • Group A – Β 48 Hour re-test of blood, saliva & strength measures (allow 20-30 min on site)
  • Thursday (6/11/20)
    • Group B – Β 48 Hour re-test of blood, saliva & strength measures (allow 20-30 min on site)

Those who finish the entire program regardless of results may be gifted a one-month ASPI membership ($200 value) since on-site training will be limited due to COVID-19. Membership can be redeemed once normal operating hours have returned.


  • Please double check for typos
  • Use format: (DD/MM/YY)
  • Please be specific - (for example: if you saw it on Facebook - which person, group, page etc)
  • Please all list below or type none
  • Please briefly describe your training history and current workout style & frequency. None necessary to participate.
  • Depending on the progression or the COVID-19 situation, training will either remain at home for the 4 weeks or there is a possibility of on-site training later in the study.


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