Kids on Ketones – Cognitive and Sports Performance Study


Girls and Boys


Tampa, FL Area




90 day of Supplementing at home + 3 on site testing days

Sports Performance and Cognitive Function Research Study for Generally Healthy & Athletic Kids Ages 10-17

Why Study Ketones?


Infants are born into a state of ketosis, thrive there and remain in this metabolic state until they begin to eat traditional, western food. The ketogenic diet was originally founded to treat childhood epilepsy and has been shown to be well tolerated in children across numerous studies. Endogenous ketones are when the body producers ketones for fuel by breaking down fatty acids in the liver (in the absence of carbohydrates in the diet), but EXOGENOUS ketones are ketones in supplement form that can be ingested to raise ketone levels in the body resulting in many of the same benefits of a ketogenic state without the carbohydrate deprivation in the diet.

(Click here for more info on ketones, supplemental ketones and research study references/sources)

This study is focused on children ages 10-17 who will drink a ketone supplement (in child-appropriate dosages) over a 90-day period to look at cognitive performance, hand-eye coordination,  body composition as well as strength, and power/performance.

Here is what will be involved with participation:

On-site Testing at the Applied Science and Performance Institute (in Tampa) on days 0/baseline , 45, and 90.

ASPI (5850 W Cypress St Suite B2, Tampa FL 33607) Click here to see testing facility website

Testing Includes:

  • Force plate jumps (a series of vertical jumps)- (10 min)
  • Hang-grip strength testing – (5 min)
  • RightEye (eye-tracking/cognitive function) – (15 min)
  • Senaptec (eye-hand coordination and reaction time) – (10 min)
  • In-Body (body composition) – (5 min)
  • Resting blood pressure and heart rate – (5 min)
  • Fasted blood draw – (5 min) (CMP and CBC panels – click here for more thorough description of those measures)

Baseline Testing Dates are TBD- looking at first 2 weeks of August


  • Potential improvement in physical or cognitive functioning*
  • Free Baseline Blood Results (CMP & CBC)
  • Body Composition (fat vs lean mass before and after)
  • Potential for cognitive and/or sports performance improvement*
  • Free Body Weight Home Workout Program in PDF format with video explanations that kids can do with parents after the 90 days

PARENTS PERKS (as a Thank you to the Parent/Guardian of the participating child)

  • Free DEXA Scan for Parent/Guardian (accurate lean vs fat mass and bone density) ($250 value)
  • Free  One-Month ASPI Training Voucher for the Parent/Guardian (age 18+) ($250+ value)
  • Free Optimized Keto (OK32) from The 32-day Optimized Fat Loss Program (32-day exact meal plan for successfully living Keto $59 value)
  • Free Body Weight Home Workout Program in PDF format with video explanations that you can involve your kids with you at home to enhance their cardiovascular health and increase strength and body coordination (given after the study has been completed)


Want to make this a team unity event? If the majority of a team (for example dance, football, gymnastics, hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, track etc) would like to be considered for participation together there may be additional TEAM Perks like uniform shirts and bags, etc we can coordinate. Email to coordinate.

*Positive outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Results may vary. There will be a control group and a test group for which you will not know which group your child is in until after the 90 days has been completed.

  • This study is NOT attempting to treat, prevent, diagnose, or cure any ailment, illness, or dysfunction.
  • Consult your Pediatric Physician prior to starting any new supplement, fitness or nutritional regimen or should any issues arise during the program.

Kids Ketone Study

Cognitive and sports performance study with exogenous ketones.
  • Please be specific. Thank you!
  • Please be specific. Thank you!

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