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Muscle Recovery & Athletic Performance


Men and Women


Tampa, FL Area




6 weeks of training + Baseline, 24 & 48 Hour Post Testing (end of 6 weeks)


  • Looking for male and female athletes of all kinds (ie. CrossFit, weight lifters, runners, triathletes, obstacle racers, bikers, Boot Campers, semi-pro athletes and more!)
  • Must have a current workout regimen of at least 30 min 3 times per week working out
  • Ages 18-45 (the ages are absolute)
  • Ideal candidates should currently have some type of regular (min 2 times per week) resistance or weight training regimen

Candidates are disqualified if they:

  • have endocrine issues/disease
  • have cardiovascular disease/issues
  • have metabolic disease/issues
  • have autoimmune disorders
  • had a surgery that prohibits proper digestion and absorption
  • are smokers (nicotine users)
  • are eavy drinkers (more than 7 drinks per week as a female and more than 14 drinks per week as a male)
  • are pregnant or trying to become pregnant
  • are on medications to control blood pressure, lipids or glucose
  • are taking NSAIDs
  • are taking anabolic steroids
  • have injuries that prevent weight and cardio training
  • Have a BMI over 30 (click here to calculate BMI)


The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of L-carnitine supplementation for its effects on muscle recovery, muscle mass, fat mass, strength, and power.

(Naturally occurring L-Carnitine is essential for aerobic energy metabolism through its critical role in the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria (the powerhouse of cell functioning) 

The study will focus on testing the effects of the supplement on:

  • Preserving Muscle

  • Speeding Recovery (antioxidant production/preservation)

  • Improving Performance

  • Decreasing Oxidative Stress

  • Improving Power Output

  • Decreasing Fat Mass

  • Increasing Lean Mass


  • Survey (perception)
  • Body Composition Scan (lean vs fat mass)
  • Blood analysis
  • Saliva analysis
  • Upper Body Strength measure
  • Lower Body Strength measure
  • Vertical Jump/Force Output measure

STUDY DATES ARE TO BE DETERMINED – slated for January 2020.


Supplement & Intense Training Study

  • Please double check for typos
  • Use format: (DD/MM/YY)
  • Check ALL that apply. You can mix and match the times you attend your mandatory training sessions. Meaning one day you can train in the morning class and another day you can train in the evening class if you need to.
  • Please all list below or type none
  • Please briefly describe your training history and current workout style & frequnecy
  • If you have trouble uploading images below please type "will email" in the above box. Then email photos to with the SUBJECT LINE "YOUR NAME/ ATHLETE STUDY"


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