KRATOS Mens Muscle Gain Program

F The Diet

“F… The Diet” is the nutrition system that Briana Michel, Holistic Nutrition Coach and TV Body Makeover Expert created to bring fast, effective fat loss to every day people ready to stop the diet madness.

A complete Plug-n-Play Nutrition system that doesn’t require any calorie or macro tracking! Make simple nourishing meals that promote FAT BURNING. Lessen inflammation, balance hormones, improve mental clarity, get better quality sleep and so much more! 

For the last 8 years Briana has been responsible for hundreds of incredible body transformations airing globally on TV. The F stands for the 8 FAT LOSS FACTORS all beginning with the letter F that Briana has found to be most effective for nourishing you lean instead of dieting and starving you skinny. It also means forget the old diet rules and self-defeating programs and mindset that only leave you worse off. There are a ton of bonus materials over the 60 days!

This program is standing up to harmful quick fixes and body hatred.