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What this 20 Something Did on F…The Diet

When I read this unsolicited post by a lovely gal traveling the world, creating her dream future I got a little teary eyed. She is in her early twenties and has the world at her feet, but she wasn’t satisfied with the status quo. When I first met her she was adorable and bubbly but she felt something was amiss with her nutrition. She was young, worked hard and worked out hard. She was attempting a vegetarian diet and trying to eat “clean”. But she was getting nowhere with the body transformation she wanted and was lacking energy and mental focus. BUT what she really has going for her is her drive to be the “forever student” – much like myself, always soaking up what knowledge she can and never closing doors that can lead to new opportunity.

Sol asked a ton of questions and read everything I gave her and tried much of what I told her. Sol graduated college and made the world her oyster, by creating a work from anywhere career she has traveled to numerous countries and is currently living for a month in Turkey after a stint in London. What amazes me is she didn’t make the excuse that she was traveling and didn’t have access to common things at home. She didn’t say I can’t get to a gym or I can’t eat well. She used nature as her fitness center and explored diverse culinary creations that were still in line with my teachings. When she posted her success on F…The Diet to her Facebook page I was so unbelievably proud of her! She has even teamed up to create a really cute swimwear line with her former college friends. She can now confidently be one of the models. But what makes me the most proud of her is that she doesn’t look at it just from a physique standpoint.  She actually understands the profound impact changing her nutrition has made on her ability to create the LIFE SHE WANTS!

Read for yourself what she had to say:

BEFORE & AFTER – “So I cringe even just looking at this… but so many people have asked how I slimmed down so much anddd this is also about so much more than weight/inches.

The thing is, in the first pic I thought I was healthy. I ate “healthy” foods – if you know me you probably saw all my healthy meals… but nothing worked. I would eat what I thought was healthy, work out, try different diets and try going vegan or gluten free or something free… No changes. I was also chronically fatigued (ask my mom about how I once fell asleep while driving…) I was always fighting the urge to fall asleep, constantly bloated, lethargic, having to take birth control to control my acne, getting awful migraines that wouldn’t go away unless I slept for hours, and daily stomach aches (I had pretty much accepted that stomach aches were just going to be a part of my life forever).

The photos on the right show the effects on the outside – I lost 15+ pounds and went from a size 6 to 0 and I have to thank Briana Michel for this – I was SO lucky to learn so much about nutrition from her (and seeing her amazing client transformations) and when I put what I learned into practice I lost 15 pounds in under a month. When I saw the number on the scale I was completely dumbfounded! I had been eating spoonfulls of coconut butter (my newest obsession) daily and did NOT expect to lose any weight, much less 15 POUNDS!

What you don’t see in the photo – I’m full of energy and at a completely different level. I’m always motivated and can barely even remember what it felt to be constantly tired or needing “afternoon naps” my acne is gone and I can FINALLY stop taking birth control which I’ve been taking since I was 15 to get rid of acne. I don’t even own any aspirin or ibuprofen because I NEVER get headaches and my stomach aches have gone from daily to rarely. Oh and I’m not constantly hungry and scouring for food. I feel so much mental clarity… It’s insane… I have the energy to do so much and get so much out of my days now!

This is getting SO long and I could keep going but I really wanted to share this with you all because I know that so many people are stuck trying to be healthy but not finding something that works and battling with so many unexplained symptoms and I want you all to know about Briana Michel nutrition program – F… The Diet. It’s so much more than a nutrition program though, Briana has so much experience and knowledge and her program is all about helping you beat the CAUSE of the issues, not just the symptoms, all while nourishing yourself lean.”

Follow Sol’s inspiring adventures on her beautiful Instagram

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