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Pumpkin Pickin’ Fitness Challenge

Halloween is right around the corner and what better way to mix pleasure and pain… I mean fun and fitness then to do a little Pumpkin Challenge. (No equipment needed!)

Here is how it works

1. Print the Pumpkin Pickin’ Exercises Sheet here

2. Review each exercise with this quick demo video 3. Cut out the exercises in strips 4. Place the paper strips into a plastic pumpkin or trick or treat bag 5. Set a timer to 13 minutes. 6. Pick your first exercise out the the pumpkin and do the allotted amount of that exercise as quickly as possible while maintaining good (and safe) form. 7. Keep picking exercises until 13 minutes is done.

8. HAVE FUN!!!

Use #BrianasPumpkinChallenge to post your pics completing it! 

TIP: For more of a challenge through the papers back in so you have the chance to doing repeat exercises or if you are pretty fit, you may end up doing more than 18 rounds in the 13 minutes.

(This was what my first challenge looked like when I was done!)

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