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How Technology Can Help Up Your Home Yoga Practice (or help you start one)

Every year I swear I am going to get into yoga. I know the 469,056 positives for making yoga part of your daily routine in life, but good lord if I don’t have the time to get to a class. Not to mention, I am stiff, admittedly stiffer than I should be for a health and fitness nut, so yoga for me is PAINFUL and takes a long time for me to get out of my busy-mom-entrepreneur-inventor-creator-business-owner head to be “present”. I have been to a few dozen classes over the years, but nothing with any consistency. But this year is the year I want to change that, by creating a home yoga practice. I see how terrible it is when people age without an emphasis on flexibility and functional mobility. In fact, I started saying “you are only as young as you are flexible” after seeing my own father struggle with his mobility after a lifetime of lifting weights and never stretching or changing up his routine to incorporate functional movements.

So, when Sheila Johnson, a high-earning, bust her hump businesswoman in the corporate rat-race turned health coach and yogi reached out about doing a blog post for my site I was intrigued. She breaks down some simple steps to how you can start using tech to make home yoga a powerful tool for any lifestyle. Let’s turn to her savvy advice so we can all start enjoying the benefits of yoga from home.

How Technology Can Take Your Home Yoga Practice to the Next Level

What do you get when you combine an ancient practice with 21st-century technology? The answer is a killer yoga workout. Whether you’ve been participating in yoga classes for years or are keen to see what all the hype is about, you can maximize the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits by incorporating technology in your routines. And not only is yoga a great way to keep up with your exercise if restrictions are still in place where you live, but it’s also a great way to decompress.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your home practice, here are ways in which technology can take you to the next level.

Go virtual when the studio isn’t possible.

It’s not easy to balance yoga with the state of the world right now. Since this practice requires consistency and dedication, you can turn to tech alternatives while the studio isn’t an option in order to ensure you don’t fall behind on your progress. You can easily watch your favorite yogi YouTuber through your TV with an affordable and conveniently sized streaming device. Just be sure you choose a model that is compatible with your TV and fits comfortably within your household budget. It’s a good idea to clear some space to dedicate for at-home yoga sessions to help you focus and block out any distractions.

Diversify your poses with a yoga app.

It’s tough to believe, but there are applications that do more than allow you to binge-watch the latest shows. If you’ve been feeling unchallenged or even bored with more mundane routines, download a yoga app to help diversify your poses. There are many dedicated apps that have a wide selection of yoga poses, in-depth instructions, and even photos or videos for reference. Following along with these sessions will force you to try new poses and make you more confident in your yogic abilities. Take your time when searching for the best yoga app, as there are many options available for you to choose from.

Look around to find the best flows.

Many people get stuck on using the same flow or sequence. To avoid this, make a point to try out different streaming classes or video tutorials. By changing it up, you can keep your practice balanced. It’s not ideal to stick with one style, like vinyasa. It’s important to practice a variety of styles to help you tap into all that yoga has to offer.

Invest in a smart yoga mat.

In a world of smartphones, smart cars, and even smart homes, there’s no reason you can’t also have a smart yoga mat. That’s right, these mats are no longer just for absorbing your sweat and keeping you from slipping. There are some exciting trends in the space of smart yoga mats that can take your yoga practice to the next level. With built-in sensors that measure your body’s balance and weight distribution, you’ll always know how to improve your stances. There are even some mats that light up to show you where to place your hands and feet during more involved and difficult poses. Don’t be put off by the relatively high price tags of these smart mats; they’re new devices that are utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Yoga has the potential to improve many aspects of your life during this unprecedented time in our lives. If you’ve been struggling to remain consistent, find the right classes, or diversify your practice, investing in some technological aid could be your saving grace. Incorporating new pieces of equipment, apps, and other gadgets can help you take your yoga practice to the next level, so you remain fully recharged until in-person classes are available again.

(Note by Briana: I have also published Sheila’s article on another site I own called – a company devoted to bringing women the know-how, people and products they deserve to create a life they love)

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