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It breaks my heart to see and hear of so many women “dieting”, struggling and harming themselves. We need to learn to love, nourish and respect our body and our minds. I want to yell “F…The Diet!” from the top of my lungs! Let’s learn to nourish ourself instead of dieting and depleting ourselves skinny. Help me create the MOVEMENT of WOMEN building confidence in their food and fitness choices, building confidence in their body, feeling fierce and unstoppable!


STEP 1: Download the #FtheDiet place card (in pdf format below)

STEP 2: Print it out, cut out the shape and fold on the tan lines. Tape the bottom together to make a little table tent.

STEP 3: At your next meal place it next to your food and take a pic OR you can take a selfie with it

STEP 4: Get Posting! On Instagram and Facebook use the hashtag #FtheDiet in your post. You can post as many times as you would like!!! Each time in an entry.

We will pick a winner on May 1st to receive a $25 Amazon Gift card.


#winaprize #womensempowerment #womensmovement #amazongiftcard #womenscontest #contest #fthediet

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