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Amazing Travel on F…The Diet

It is perfectly normal before committing to any program to want to know more.

I get that! You will spend time, money and energy wanting to successfully implement the program you choose, so picking the one that is right for you is important!

This blog entry is about a question I get quite often though.

That question is:


I will tell you that F…The Diet will ultimately give you lots of freedom because you won’t be hungry every two hours. Imagine going 5-6 hours without food and still feeling just as good as you did right after you last ate!

  1. You will have the energy to do more in your day.

  2. Your brain will be on fire with ideas and better clarity!

  3. Imagine tapping into stored body fat for fuel!

Most programs my clients have tried do the exact opposite. They are restrictive, leave them hungry and always focused on when the next time to eat is. Often the results are also slacking leaving us feeling deflated and defeated.

F…The Diet is designed to NOURISH your body so you don’t experience strong cravings, don’t get HANGRY (hungry-angry) and control insulin so you aren’t experiencing highs and lows, which would equate to fat storage and false hunger cues. This means you learn to be free from constant snacking and the mental energy it takes to abstain from sweets and junk.

So, the answer to, “Can I travel on F…The Diet” …is YES! You might be someone who has big travel plans coming up or maybe you travel regularly with work… or maybe you have created a work from anywhere life like F..The Dieter and 23 year old Sol has.

Sol took the time to write about her world travels while implementing F…The Diet in a way that has led her to peel off the fluff, be more productive, clear her skin… and well.. just read on to hear more about her BENEFITS and SUCCESSES!


“I’m only 23 years old, yet like many other women, I’ve tried a handful of diets. I was never taught what a “balanced meal” was. I thought it meant having fresh fruits for breakfast and veggies with every meal. Growing up in Costa Rica, I had rice and beans with basically every meal. Breakfast is “gallo pinto” aka rice and beans prepared and mixed together. Lunch is typically rice, beans on the side, a salad, protein and plantains. Dinner usually includes rice and beans too. It had crossed my mind that rice and beans are probably “high calorie” but everyone in Costa Rica eats rice and beans for every meal, so I didn’t question it too much.

I was never thin, but I had been told it was because I was big boned… My bones were the reason I weighed more than everyone else my age. I never felt quite right – I felt big, and bulky, the opposite of “feminine” which made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin.

Then I moved to the US for college. I was exposed to a completely different way of eating as well as more pressure to be thin. That’s when I started trying different diets. My first diet was going vegetarian. It seemed like if I stopped eating meat I would lose weight (I don’t really know what the thought process was there… but I didn’t know!) What happened? I was ALWAYS hungry and I would have to eat tons of carbs to feel full, and then I would eat more carbs and feel even hungrier and it was such a vicious cycle.

I lived through periods of eating a lot, and then feeling extremely guilty and depressed about how much I had just eaten. I even tried to make myself throw up to get rid of the guilt of eating 5 slices of pizza, hash browns and chocolate chip cookies. It never worked. So then I would go on a calorie restriction cycle to make up for all the food I had consumed. That backfired too.

  1. I tried being a raw vegan for like half of a day… but I couldn’t find enough food there either.

  2. Then I tried just cutting gluten out. I felt a little better, but nothing changed

  3. I tried cutting dairy out. That didn’t make too much of a difference.

  4. Then I tried cutting out dairy and gluten – it was a bit hard to find food (I was living in college)

Then I decided to splurge and purchase the 21 Day Fix. It ended up being so much effort measuring food in these little colored containers and having to eat every couple of hours. I would have to pack a huge lunchbox every day and haul it around school and work. It was just such a hassle. And again, I was always hungry.

Up to now I’ve only really talked about my weight/body image because back then I didn’t realize I had so many other issues.

Now that I look back I see so many things that were not normal:

  1. Feeling lethargic all the time

  2. Struggling to stay awake

  3. Constantly fighting the urge to fall asleep

  4. Not being able to sleep

  5. Needing afternoon naps

  6. Feeling unfocused and blurry/having brain fog

  7. Not being able to remember things like what I had done that past weekend when someone asked

  8. CONSTANT bloating

  9. Constipation

  10. Acne

  11. Rashes

  12. Chronic migraines

  13. Stomach aches after every meal

  14. Feeling lack of motivation

  15. Not having energy to work out

  16. Blurred vision

Now that I’m doing F… The Diet I’m able to look back on the way I looked, felt and lived and notice the extreme differences. I can’t believe how I looked and felt back then – I almost don’t even recognize myself.

I know that most women feel the way I did “before” and don’t even realize that there is SO much potential to improve your life in every aspect by just changing your diet.

I wish I had known sooner that I could be fueling myself to function at my most optimal level – that I was about a 2/10 with a whole 8 of room to grow!

I can’t go back and undo the damage, but I can share my story in hopes that other women can recognize that they might have so much unused potential being hidden by this long list of symptoms that deter you from living your best life and functioning at your full potential.

Looking back I realize that:

  1. I was probably always hungry because I very seldom ate a truly balanced meal

  2. I was eating foods that were doing more harm than good

  3. I was starving myself and restricting myself which as not just hurting my body, but also causing psychological damage as I always felt like a failure because I couldn’t follow a diet


About two years ago I decided to take a sabbatical to travel for 6 months. Those 6 months never came to an end and now I travel full time. I spend a few weeks or a month in each different location and I get to see wonderful places.

Throughout these years I’ve learned a lot and become a “smarter traveller” and while most of the things you learn while traveling come from experience, there’s one that didn’t: my nutrition. I know a lot of people struggle adapting to new environments and foods while on vacation, so I want to address this as I’ve made a change that has completely transformed the way I feel while I travel.

When I started traveling I found it very difficult to stay healthy. Given that I used to ALWAYS be hungry, I was having to eat every couple of hours and depend on whatever I could find. Unfortunately, finding healthy food can be difficult in some places – especially when you can’t read the ingredients! Because of this I was often eating unhealthy foods, feeling bloated, having awful stomach aches, migraines, low energy and a difficult time adapting. I used to have these symptoms all the time, but they were magnified whenever I traveled. Because of all of this, I lacked the energy needed to explore a a city – because I was always tired or in pain. Such a waste!!

At the time I thought these symptoms were unavoidable, but in hindsight I realize they were all pretty much my fault, and I had all the control needed to feel better! Because I wasn’t eating correctly I was constantly hungry as my body was begging for what it needed… Because I was hungry I would have to eat junk food and it was just a vicious cycle that led to stomach aches, lack of energy, headaches, all the bad stuff…

Now that I’m on Briana Michel’s nutrition program, F The Diet, my life has TRANSFORMED!

The first thing everyone has noticed is how much I slimmed down (15 pounds in under a month, isn’t that crazy!?) but what people don’t see is all the ENERGY I HAVE (I have to say that in caps because that’s the kind of energy I have – run up a mountain and do 500 jumping jacks kind of energy if that gives you a visual lol.) 😂 

 I end up using a lot of that energy towards work – so I’m 1000 times more productive than before. I can also fall asleep at night soon easily (this is great when staying in different places – I used to spend hours going over my day or focusing on every noise I could hear).

Migraines? Gone. Stomach aches? Gone. Bloating? Well, I feel “morning skinny” all day now! 💃

The best part is that I can follow F… The Diet no matter where I am. The “plug and play” format is awesome as I can always find something to eat at a restaurant. I always carry a few things with me in case I’m stranded somewhere and there truly isn’t anything good on a menu, but it’s not often.

This new way of fueling my body means I’m giving it what it needs… so it’s not always hungry! My blood sugar levels aren’t spiking up and down like crazy, so I can go hours without needing to eat. I think anyone with a busy/active lifestyle can appreciate that. Even if you aren’t super busy, who likes being distracted by hunger and cravings all the time? I think constant snacking kills productivity.

F… The Diet is mostly about nutrition, but it also includes at-home workouts. All of the workouts can be done with exercise bands or body-weight! That’s awesome for me because my exercise bands fit in a bag that’s smaller than my phone and weigh NOTHING (just imagine trying to stay under the airline weight limit with weights in my bag…) Now that I’m in Cappadocia, Turkey, I throw my little bag in my pocket, run up the hill and do my workouts overlooking this gorgeous landscape.

I know everyone has their different views on the “secret to success” but in my opinion it’s nutrition.

Thanks to F…The Diet I’ve learned to nourish my body, cure so many problems and I feel on top of the world. I’m functioning at a completely different level. I went from struggling to find the energy and motivation to do anything to feeling fully motivated and energetic allll the time.

I get so much more out of every single day and I’m able to accomplish so much.

People always ask me how I have time to do all the work for my clients, work on my blog, my businesses and take on other side projects AND explore the world and I don’t think it’s about time – it’s about energy. We all have the same amount of hours in our day; some people are just able to squeeze every drop out of the orange that is their day while others are just getting a few drops out of it.

So to everyone who has asked “how do you do it?” F… The Diet is how I do it!

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