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3 Best Things I Did for Healthier Hair

As a teenager and as a twenty something I treated my hair horribly. Enter, lemon juice in the sun, haphazard applications of boxed color and then compound that with some VERY wrong turns into the chairs of some pretty wretched “stylists”.  I ended up with way more tragic tails of hair gone wrong than I care to rehash.

My last nightmare salon appointment was actually up into my early thirties! I ended up having to shop my hair off to my chin and I couldn’t wash or brush my hair for more than a week because it was like cotton falling out in clumps when I touched it. I was mortified. I also had a Spring Break Cancun trip in my early twenties that left my scalp so burned that is literally peeled off in layers through my hair. Needless to say my hair never grew as strong or thick again after all the trauma.

Tip #1

Supplement with collagen. About 2 months ago I decided to buy into the collagen hype and started adding 1-2 scoops of collagen to my daily dietary intake.

My first scoop goes into my coffee, the occasional second scoop is toward the evening and is mixed with 1 oz water, 1 oz orange juice and 1 scoop Amazing Grass greens powder. I shake it in a mason jar to easily get rid of clumps.

I rotate the brands of collagen I use because some are more finely produced peptides that mix better in liquid than others AND I can’t say I always 100% trust the protein manufacturers for their sourcing or quality processing. So I don’t over commit to one brand in case we find out something less favorable about any one supplier.  I currently have three on rotation.

The important thing to note is the TYPE of collagen(s) you are taking in. Type I collagen is most abundantly found in the body and aids in hair, nails and skin health. Type III collagen, like Type I is also said to help hair, skin, nails, muscle and bone. Taken in conjunction these two might be powerhouses for restoring the health and vitality to our hair!

What I noticed the first week… nothing in terms of hair and I didn’t expect to, I know benefits can take a while, especially with something that will ultimately reveal itself as a visual change once it as done it’s structural overhaul. But I did notice I had fewer sugar cravings. Win!

Ingesting too much sugar overtime also means inflammation, oxidative stress and the increase in collagen breakdown which all speeds up the signs of aging. Another reason to pass of the sweets, sweetie!

After a couple weeks I noticed my skin stayed a little more hydrated. I have also suffer from dry skin, especially when I lack sleep and I LIVE IN A STATE OF SLEEP DEPRIVATION (I have an infant who still get s up 3 times a night and 6 year old at home and run my own businesses…sleep is like a unicorn around here…everyone wants it but no one can find it).

Lack of sleep leaves my skin dry and dull, dull dull. So I need to double up on the nutrients, healthy fats. water and electrolytes as best I can. Collagen helps attract water making the skin look a bit more plump.

After 2 months, I noticed all kinds of new sprouts going on! The top of my head looks kind of fuzzy like it all won’t lay flat, but it is because I have baby hairs sprouting up. I also noticed that my temples have about an inch or more regrowth where they were extremely thin before!

I also started tips #2 and #3 about 3 weeks ago.

Tip #2

Show your scalp some love! Your hair, just like your body needs essential fatty acids. Either at night before bed or about 10 minutes before a shower I rub oil into my scalp and massage it around for a couple minutes. I focus on my temples and crown mostly. I rotate the types of oils I use. I have a vanity tray out on my bathroom counter with all kinds of oils and potions.

Your hair requires essential fatty acids for health. A mix of omega’s 3, 6, and 9. For example, linoleic acid (LA), oleic acid (OA) and gamma linolenic acid (GLA). GLA also may block or inhibit DHT production which may slow down hair loss and hair thinning.

I alternate between use Rose Hip Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Castor Oil and a mix of MCT and Olive oil (taken from the kitchen). But hemp seed oil, borage seed oil, evening primrose, avocado oil and apricot seed oil are also good choices.

I think it is a good idea to rotate the types of oils you use since their fatty acid profiles vary and carry different benefits.

Tip #3

Use 1-2 tsp baking soda mixed into your shampoo once a week or every other week. For me, I found this helped exfoliate my scalp, got the oils out I used the night before, and helped add softness since our water is pretty harsh at home. From what I have read, adding it too often can be drying because of the more acidic pH. But so far I have only noticed benefits and have used it once or twice a week.

My hair looked more sun kissed after the first time I used it, I believe from removing the build up it allowed the light to reflect better. I was having issues of my hair looking greasy after I washed it, so that is what initially sparked my idea to use baking soda (that and I had a 12 lb bag of it sitting in my bathroom being used about 20 different ways already!). I love it! And it stopped the flakes I was starting to get from wearing hats all the time.


  1. Types I and III collagen -from quality sourced animals taken 1-2 times a day

  2. Massage healthy fats into your scalp (use ones with a mix of linoleic and oleic acid in it. You want the linoleic acid to be more abundant than the oleic acid in the oil so that it can penetrate and get the nutrients where they need to go. Like Rosehip Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, etc.

  3. Add 1-2 tsp of baking soda to your shampoo every week or every other week to get rid of buildup and exfoliate your scalp.

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