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Womens Low Iron Study

STUDY IS FOR: Women in the Tampa Bay, FL area who suspect or know they are low in iron but NOT diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. 

  • AGE18 years old through to pre-menopause (so age range will vary) 

  • PRODUCT: Liquid iron supplement

  • DURATION: 8 Weeks


  • # OF ONSITE TESTING VISITS: Up to 4  total visits ((prescreen, baseline, week 4 and week 8)

  • LOCATION: ASPI (Tampa, FL)

  • PAYMENT FOR PARTICIAPTION: $25 per visit (excluding the prescreening for participation - no payment for seeing if you are eligible but you will get your free results)

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  • Women in/around the Tampa Bay, FL area

  • Must be willing and able to take a daily liquid iron supplement directed. 

This protocol is deemed appropriate for:

  • Healthy women 18+ who experience regular periods

  • Non-anemic iron deficiency (defined as hemoglobin > 11g/dL, serum ferritin <40 ng/mL, and tSAT < 20%) - if you have recent blood work or can get it from your doctor than we can accept that as a prescreen, otherwise there will be an in-person blood draw for prescreening purposes. 

  • BMI 1-29 kg/m2 (Click here to calculate BMI)

  • No intake of dietary supplements containing iron 30 days prior to the start of the study (date is TBD but likely in  early Feb)


  • Prescreen - a fingerpick to test Hemoglobin & a questionnaire. If you are a candidate, then a full blood draw for serum ferritin level for baseline testing. If you have this blood work from your doctor already please email to with your name and the subject line "Iron results" and this may serve as your prescreen. 

  • DXA scan (bone density, fat and lean mass - you will receive a detailed print out of your scan). This takes place during baseline testing

  • Blood draws are on site at baseline and week 8 only

  • At week #4 participants will come in for a mid-way check-in, questionnaire and additional supplement supply (no blood draw on this day)



  • Hemoglobin Levels: Normal serum iron level for women is 60 mcg/dL to 140 mcg/dL. We are looking for women over 120 mcg/dL (tested by finger prick on site)

  • Serum Ferritin: -We are looking for women less than or equal to 40 mcg/dL (Ferritin is a blood protein that contains iron, your levels indicate how much iron your body stores. Tested by blood draw if participant passes fingerpick screening)

  • GOALS:

    • 1) See how well iron levels improve over 8 weeks when pre-menopausal women take a liquid iron supplement as directed.

    • 2) Are women able to avoid the pitfalls of some standard formulation iron pills, such as constipation.