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Fitness Minded Women Wanted

STUDY IS FOR: Women in the Tampa Bay, FL area with a healthy BMI, not on multiple medications and who workout and/or run regularly. 

  • AGE: 18+ - age cut off is determined my menstruation status. Must still have a menstrual cycle in order to participate.

  • PRODUCT: Liquid Iron Supplement

  • DURATION: 8 Weeks (with an option to extend to 16 weeks if you are interested, but not required)

  • START DATE: Rolling Enrollment (2022)

  • # OF ONSITE TESTING VISITS: 4-6 depending on length of program you choose to participate in. 

  • LOCATION: ASPI (Tampa, FL) 5850 W Cypress St Tampa

  • PAYMENT FOR PARTICIPATION: $25 per visit (excluding the prescreening for participation - no payment for seeing if you are eligible but you will get your blood work results).

  • Complementary DXA Scan ($250 value), if you qualify for the study (shows your accurate lean mass, fat mass and bone density)

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Living with low-iron levels impacts your health, athletic performance and quality of living. Knowing your numbers is important and can help guide your next steps. What if some symptoms you are experiencing like dizziness, fatigue, increased lactic acid build-up with workouts, slower run times, shortness of breath, frequent headaches, cold hands or feet, paler than normal skin, brittle hair and nails are a result of low iron and could be rehabilitated with little effort? It is worth finding out! 


  • Healthy women 18+ who still have a reoccurring menstrual cycle

  • Must be willing and able to take a daily liquid iron supplement

  • Not on multiple prescription medications

  • Must take part in a free pre-screening process that involves a blood draw to check hemoglobin and ferritin levels. 

  • If you know your current levels, then see if they fall in these guidelines - hemoglobin > or equal to 11g/dL, serum ferritin less than or equal to 40 ng/mL) - if you have recent blood work or can get it from your doctor than we can accept that as a prescreen, otherwise there will be an in-person blood draw for prescreening purposes. 

  • BMI < 30 kg/m2 (Click here to calculate BMI) (BMI cannot be over 30 to participate)

  • Willing to stop any iron containing supplements a minimum of one week prior to the start of the testing formula.

  • This study is a rolling enrollment due to the size of the study - so please get your applications in immediately - prescreening is happening weekly in May and June for your convenience.



  • Prescreen - Blood draw for serum ferritin level for baseline testing. If you have this blood work from your doctor within the past 30 days, please email to with your name and the subject line "Iron Results" and this may serve as your prescreen.

    • Prescreening options are almost daily - just a quick blood draw at any one of our 3 other lab partner locations - South Tampa, Brandon or Clearwater.

    • Once you fill out the application (button below) and pass the basic prerequisites, we will email or text you about scheduling your prescreening at your earliest convenience. 

  • DXA scan (bone density, fat and lean mass - you will receive a detailed print out of your scan). This takes place onsite only at ASPI - if you do an offsite blood draw and qualify for the study you will have an opportunity at the supplement pick up to do you informative DXA scan. 

  • Blood draw will be repeated at the end of the trial. 


1) See how well iron levels improve over 8 weeks when women ages 18 and over who still have a menstrual cycle, take a specific daily liquid iron supplement as directed. 

2) Are women able to avoid the pitfalls of some standard formulation iron pills, such as constipation.


The information you give on your application is only shared with Briana Michel and necessary parties of the ASPI research team and should you choose to followthrough with pre-screening process then your name, DOB, height and weight will be shared with our third party lab for blood draws. Information is not given to or sold to any third party unrelated to the direct facilitation of this study. 

If you qualify for the study, your bloodwork will only be sent to you upon completion of the 8 week program. 

If you do not qualify for the study you will be notified via email and you will receive your bloodwork within 10 business days of ASPI receiving your results (they are typically sent within 1-2 business days). 

Payment for participation is by check  within 14 business days of completion of the 8 weeks. If you continue on for an additional 8 weeks you will receive a second payment in the form of a check for the additional 8 weeks. 


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