Fit Male & Female for TV Commercial


Men and Women


Tampa, FL Area


20's- late 40's


2-3 Hours

Looking for fit men and women who can demonstrate a bike product and then talk about the equipment on-camera very naturally and enthusiastically.

LOCATION: Tierra Verde (Pinellas County, Florida)

DATE:  Thursday 7/30/20

TIME: 2-3 hour commitment on set

RATE: $200 Flat-rate. Direct booking. No paid travel

HOW TO APPLY: Must follow BOTH Steps 1 AND 2 to be considered for the job

  1. Please fill out the application on this page (you can attach CURRENT photos to your application directly or email them separately to KEEP ALL IMAGES FAMILY FRIENDLY! Not interested in submissions with seductive posing or inappropriate attire – you will NOT be contacted.  
  2. Get into fitness clothing (men wear athletic shorts and no shirt, women wear athletic shorts and sports bra) and record a :30-:60 second introduction with the following info so producers can hear you speak and get a sense of your personality – NAME, AGE, OCCUPATION, WHAT YOU CURRENTLY DO TO STAY FIT & WHY BEING FIT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU. Email the video using WeTransfer, Dropbox or other file transfer service or text that video to or 412-335-3144



  • Very fit & attractive
  • No visible tattoos if wearing athletic shorts and sports bra
  • Outgoing, personable
  • Friendly smile
  • Age: 20’s. 30’s & 40’s


  • Very fit (lean and muscular but not an overly bulky bodybuilder type)
  • No visible tattoos when shirtless
  • Outgoing, personable
  • Friendly smile
  • Age: 20’s, 30’s, 40’s

Note: Your application information and photos are not shared with anyone other than the casting producers. Images submitted will not be made public. Personal information is never sold or given to third parties. If you are booked or being further considered for the position you may be contacted directly via email or phone by Briana Michel,  a producer or production assistant related to the project.

  • For invoicing purposes only if booked.
  • Experience not necessary but must be very personable and able to interact on camera with the show host. Must also demo product and keep a smile on your face.
  • Please briefly describe your athletic or fitness background and current workout style (ex gymnastics, crossfit, running, cycling, weight lifting etc)
  • Men must show Abs. Women in sports bras.
  • From another angle

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