Men and Women


Tampa to Miami (and in between!)




Half Day or Full Day

We are looking for great talent who take pride in caring for their physiques. Whether you are a seasoned fitness model, athlete or just take good care of yourself, we want to hear form you. Producers all the way from Tampa to Miami are constantly looking for talent to be part of commercials, infomercials and print ads for healthy living and fitness products.

Please fill out the form below and be sure to attach RECENT full body photos showcasing legs, abs, arms and back for both men and women. (NO provocative images please! Think family friendly).

Include a recent smiling headshot (without sunglasses on!).

If you have tattoos please be sure to send pictures that clearly show the ones that would be exposed in a bathing suit shoot. Producers will often decide if they can use your talents/images based on the style of tattoos you have and the type of commercial being shot.

Fitness Model

Fitness, athletic, bikini and other Boyd types needed for healthy living and fitness TV commercials, web marketing and print ads.
  • Be sure to double check typing before submitting, as this is often our main form of communication for castings
  • If you have one. Not required.
  • Just an overview is fine
  • For example, Yoga expert, Swimmer, Iron Man/Woman, Martial Arts, Tennis player, etc




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