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Tampa, FL Area




Projects Vary - you will be notified of the details

We have several weight loss and fitness trial programs in the works and will be casting enthusiastic, dedicated individuals.


Once we get your info, we will match you with one of the programs coming in the next few days/weeks. Β As the details roll out you will get a notification email to see if you are eligible and interested in that particular program.

If you are interested in participating, we will schedule a brief phone interview and may request additional video, photos or other information.

What we need from you NOW is the preliminary application filled out below so we can start to coordinate candidates for programs!

Regardless of the type of program, if you are selected you will receive FREE holistic nutritional guidance from Briana Michel (clickΒ about meΒ if you want to know) and support coaching for the duration of your program so you can reach your goals.

Each program will include other specifics and special products or services that you will also get for FREE.

We look forward to connecting with you ASAP!

  • Please list all diagnosed and/or suspected conditions (i.e. thyroid/adrenal, diabetes, stroke, behavioral, cancer, IBS, etc)
  • Do you have any injuries or physical limitations for movement or fitness?
  • TO be considered for ANY program we MUST have your CURRENT PHOTOS. Please upload the 4 following images: 1) Headshot of you smiling 2) Full body forward facing (men: in just athletic shorts & women in either bathing suit or sports bra and shorts) 3) Side profile, full body 4) Rear Facing (back to camera) full body. You can add an optional 5th photo if you want to upload a photo of when you were at your fittest that would be great, but not necessary. NEED TO SEND PHOTOS LATER TODAY? NO PROBLEM - in the above box type "will send later". Once you have taken the appropriate photos, please email them to Hello@BrianaMichel.com with the SUBJECT: (Your name/Your Age/"Photos Included")***

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