Asian Style Chef


Men and Women


Tampa, FL Area




3-4 hours at most

Looking for a real Chef in the Tampa Bay area who specializes in Asian cuisine specifically well trained cooking in a wok.

The chef will try out a new mandolin/grater style product then demo the use on camera, ideally in their own restaurant kitchen. Chef will be interviewed on camera about their experience.

Shoot Date: Either Wednesday, August 5 or Thursday, August 6

Rate: $200 plus keep the product

To apply please do BOTH steps below

  1. Fill out the application below (you will be able to upload photos directly on the form or can choose to email them separately to with the subject line “Your Name + Chef Casting”
  2. Please self-record a 45-60 second introduction with your name, age, where you currently work, experience and anything else you want to share to show your personality – you can use a fre file transfer site like, or google drive to send your video to if you have trouble doing that you can also try texting it to 412-335-3144.
  3. Submissions Due by Wednesday 7/29/20 @5pm 
  4. Asian Style Chef

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