Womens Weight Loss Course

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Hey Fabulous Lady! Yes... You!

Are you ready to FINALLY create a body you love and are proud of?

How about having a healthy relationship with food and gaining control over cravings?

Join me for the Briana Body Academy and get all the tools, live support and the simplicity you need for your success.  

This is the VIP level program designed for RESULTS! 

STOP wasting time and money only to end up unhappy with  your results or the inability to stick to a difficult plan.

You are worth feeling and looking FABULOUS.


Womens Body Transformations with Biriana Michel

The women pictured above went through group nutrition and fitness coaching with Briana Michel for 6 months to achieve these results. 

10 day Results Guarantee


  • Fed up with wasting money on pills, meal replacement shakes and programs that don't give you sustainable results
  • Tired of starving yourself skinny (yeah, that makes us "hangry" too!)
  • Confused by what is actually healthy vs unhealthy (trendy, outdated or gimmicky)
  • Annoyed with expensive kitchen fails and complex meal planning
  • Lacking the time to prep and eat every couple of hours


  • Stop wasting money on things you don't need, can be harmful or won't help you achieve your goals
  • Nourish (aka EAT!) yourself into a LEAN BODY
  • Get the WHY's behind what you will be taught and create a customizable regimen
  • Make healthy cooking simple, quick and tasty  
  • Eat meals that will help you lose stored body fat while keeping you FULL for hours

Results achieved in 60 days with nutrition coaching by Briana Michel


  • Suffer from sugar cravings
  • Constantly feel bloated and tired
  • Have unhealthy hair and/or skin
  • Get sick too often
  • Are intimidated by the gym


  • Change your gut to stop sugar cravings
  • Stop the belly bloat and gain energy
  • Achieve healthier hair and glowing skin 
  • Boost your immune system (So you stay in the game! Like me, I know you don't have time to be sidelined)
  • Enjoy at-home and gym workouts so you know exactly what to do, how to do it and fit it in when you can

Results achieved in 60 days with nutrition coaching with Briana Michel


  • In need of accountability and the ability to get your questions answered live
  • Looking for a cheerleader and butt kicker
  • Constantly thinking about when your next "feeding" is
  • Coming unhinged and want to eat everything in sight late at night
  • An emotional eater/binger


  • Have access to live weekly calls and private Facebook group support with myself and your BBA coaches!
  • Have the most encouraging coaches ensuring your success
  • Experience FOOD FREEDOM!
  • Not need to call on "willpower" all the time, because you will be nourished to squash cravings and change habits
  • Learn healthier outlets for emotions other than a pint of ice cream


  • Feeling like taking a nap at any point in the day sounds dreamy
  • Under a lot of stress and don't feel you manage it the best
  • Dealing with painful periods and major emotional swings monthly
  • Struggle with anxiety and depression


  • Become supercharged with energy (Imagine what you could accomplish in life if you were unstoppable?!)
  • Manage life with more finesse because you will be nourished, calm and in control.
  • Help your reproductive health and balance mood
  • Improve anxiety and depression through nutrition.


  • Weekly Live Q & A calls with Briana to accompany the weekly online learning (playback links if you miss a call, we know how schedules can get)
  • Private online portal with weekly easy to consume lessons featuring videos, podcast episodes and downloads to maximize your education and success (this is EVERYTHING you need to be successful in seeing and feeling incredible transformation results!)
  • Weekly progressions for food, fitness and frame of mind - Crawl. Walk. Run is our motto! 
  • BBA Kitchen Video Series - exclusive recipes and nutrition tips
  • Private Facebook Group for daily support between live calls
  • New weekly at-home exclusive workout videos (Efficient 13 - 30 minute workouts)
  • Gym workouts - (download to your phone so you can up your game when you are ready)
  • Printable Plug N Play Nutrition Guide (no calorie or macro counting, all portions done for you!)
  • 6 month follow up live group call with Briana to share your progress and ask questions now that the BBA way has become your way!
  • While this is a 10 week program the materials will be accessible and downloadable after - go at your own pace. There is no right or wrong, it only matters that you continue moving forward :) 
10 day Results Guarantee

10 Day Money Back Guarantee - if within 10 days of the program start date, you have followed everything you have been asked and kept a detailed journal of your food intake and fitness each day but you don't think this program is something you can continue to commit to, contact Hello@BrianaMichel.com to turn in all your work for a refund of your money minus $75 for administrative and credit card processing fees.  

You can keep any of the materials that you had downloaded up to day 10 materials but will lose access to all the modules and lesson materials that have not yet been released.

We put a TON of effort, expertise and passion behind what we do in order to create a successful, positive, results driven experience for all, so we ask you to be ready for making a change prior to joining the group! We want to maintain a positive environment for everyone joining us! But if for any reason you are unhappy with the program we want to make it right with our 10 day money back guarantee. 

Testimonials for Briana's Nutrition

"I am down 10.5 pounds and 17.5 inches. I feel amazing physically and emotionally. I can not thank you, Briana Michel enough for your guidance and motivation along the way. I can not wait to continue with this lifestyle. Healthy feels amazing!!!!" 


"I can not believe it has been a year. I am forever grateful to have been a part of this. I continue to nourish my body and see tremendous results inside and out. Thank you Briana Michel ! I am happy to say that after one year nothing has changed. My weight has stayed where I want it to be, I have energy, and feel incredible." - Laurie S

"Since January I have lost 23 pounds and I feel amazing. I am loving the way my clothes are fitting and I still don't recognize myself in photos; I don't know if I've ever been this kind of shape."

- Staci T. 

"Im crying over here! I got these $300 jeans for free as part of my uniform during a fashion show gig I was filming a few years ago. 28R was the largest size they had and i barely squeezed my a** into them.

I’ve held on to them this whole time always thinking I would sell them. Well today I found them and tried them on and they totally fit. I never thought I would ever see these kind of changes. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on being healthy."

"I’m not sure anyone will understand the difference between where they are and where they can be until they get to where they can be... learning how to nourish my body has done SO MUCH for me - not just physically, but psychologically too. Dieting can be so tough emotionally and it’s something I always struggled with - limiting myself, then failing at it, and then feeling guilty and like a failure about it now tough and doesn’t work. 

Example: starved by diet, eat 5 slices of pizza, cake, chocolate, spoonfuls of peanut butter and ice cream - enter depression about not being able to follow said diet and doing the opposite. Idk if that’s just me... 

But I don’t think words can describe how amazing, comfortable and fueled and pumped I feel every single day now that I’m nourishing myself the right way with F... The Diet. I used to be feel chunky and be constantly tired and fighting the urge to fall asleep and now I feel like I’m thriving - it feels amazing!” – Sol S. 

"My first week and I am down 7 lbs. and after 10 hours driving [for work] my ankles weren't swollen like they normally are!"

- Jacque B.

"Thank you Briana Michel for helping me find my way a little over a year ago I’m forever grateful. #stillstrong #over30lbs"

- Lancie D

"... haven’t been able to zip up these pants in TWO years!! YAY!! Thank you Briana Michel!!"

- Lisa K.


I lost 15+ pounds and went from a size 6 to 0 and I have to thank Briana Michel for this - I was SO lucky to learn so much about nutrition from her (and seeing her amazing client transformations) and when I put what I learned into practice I lost 15 pounds in under a month...

What you don't see in the photo - I'm full of energy and at a completely different level. I'm always motivated and can barely even remember what it felt to be constantly tired or needing "afternoon naps". My acne is gone... I don't even own any aspirin or ibuprofen because I NEVER get headaches and my stomach aches have gone from daily to rarely. Oh and I'm not constantly hungry and scouring for food. I feel so much mental clarity... It's insane... I have the energy to do so much and get so much out of my days now! - Sol. S

Ready to make a change?

NOTE: Program is NOT intended to diagnose, treat or prevent illness or disease. This is NOT a medical program. Information is for educational purposes only. No claims are made as to the efficacy of the program. Results may vary.

While I am 44, F...The Diet makes me feel like I am 34 and I am focusing on my eating and the 54-year old I want to be. Briana Michel is the REAL deal! I'll be using her "F...The Diet" for the rest of my life. Please check it out!

Mindy T.

Lost 14 lbs and 20 inches in 60 days

I learned that I can do anything I set my mind on. I feel so empowered! I learned to really appreciate my body. I learned that I have more fulfillment from eating healthy and working out now than I could ever have from eating junk. I am so thankful and grateful for this opportunity. This has changed my life 100%

Chani K.

Lost 12lbs and 21 inches in 60 days

I'm feeling pretty fantastic. I have dropped a few of my stubborn pounds that have been hanging on for dear life...I'm no longer having the intense constant cravings for sugars and bread. My extended family tells me I look healthy and the best of all... my blood sugar levels have been fabulous. These are definitely changes and alterations I could not have done by myself.

Jennifer B.

Lost 8 lbs, 12.5" and decreased insulin for Type 1 Diabetes.

I've been going to the gym faithfully for a few years. I've considered myself in decent shape and didn't think I could change much more without some crazy drastic, eat 5 nuts a day diet.....Briana Michel had proven me wrong... I've had multiple people approach me and ask what I'm doing, so here's YOUR chance to get in the know and let Briana help you too!!


Lost 14 lbs and 19" in 60 days