Transformation Programs

Imagine where life could take you if you felt amazing and loved the body you are in every day. Now imagine the support to get there is world class, and it is free, and with Briana Michel. It becomes a reality for hundreds of Tampa Bay area residents every day.

Briana conducts castings for TV body transformations and clinical trials for a wide variety of health and wellness solutions. Tour our current castings in both categories or sign up to be the first to know when a new opportunity comes up.

TV Castings

We are looking for eager and motivated people to be a part of one of our unique opportunities that will provide the support and tools necessary to assist in addressing such issues as body transformations, beauty, pain relief and more depending on the program. 

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Research Studies

Briana assists global companies in safely and responsibly testing/proving their products and protocols by coupling the right participants with one of the most advanced Human Performance Testing facilities in the United States. Be part of ground breaking science and get amazing insight and tools before anyone else.

Nutrition Services

Briana helps take the guess work out of your ideal approach to get into a body you love. Knowing that food fuels energy, mood, hormones, sleep patterns, fertility, ability to fight infection and disease, Briana will help you navigate lifestyle choices to create a body that can propel a more optimal life and help stop the “dieting mentality".

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Success Stories

Others success can be powerfully inspiring. So how about hearing from a few of the many hundreds of people that have been positively impacted by one-on-one coaching, TV programs or Clinical Trials spearheaded by Briana Michel over more than a decade.