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Wear. Share. Earn!


Welcome Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Influencers

SAVVI, a womens lifestyle company, was founded on a culture of caring and positivity, embodied in our mission to be a force for good to help women thrive personally and professionally.


When you join Savvi and partner with me, you help our mission by providing women like you the opportunity to launch their  own fashion business with tremendous support, from home (and little financial risk) and through unparalleled personal and professional development training.

Savvi Brand Partners or Stylists are entrepreneurs who don't do it alone. You become part of an absolutely amazing community of supportive peers and home office champions and relish new friendships with happy clients. You are supplied all the tools to support your fast growth on a DAILY basis. You'll feel the embrace of this kind culture and never feel alone. 

Do you love fashion? Perhaps you have a passion for fitness or healthy living? Do you enjoy helping other women? Or have you just dreamed of being your own boss? Maybe you want to increase your sales to existing clients and customers in your current business! 


Whether you're looking to pay for family extras like vacations or you're interested in going all-in and making more serious cash, being a Savvi Brand Partner allows you to earn meaningful income, on your terms, anywhere, anytime.

They have reinvented old-school direct sales.

This is modern, tech-enabled, upscale, social selling at its best.


As a Brand Partner, you'll find it simple and convenient to offer personalized, fun shopping experiences on social media, at gatherings, optional pop-ups, by text, email or one-on-one. You can make it as virtual or as in-person as you please. 


We make it easy, providing you with your own APP,  your own website, interactive training, unsurpassed online support and beautiful marketing materials you'll be proud to share with your friends and family! 

You can start your own business for as little as $99! No monthly minimums! No required inventory!


That includes:

  • Your own website

  • Your own APP

  • All the marketing materials you need to get started 

  • Daily optional LIVE training 

  • 24/7 group support

  • Caring mentorship and ongoing help to grow quickly

  • Plus, we have amazing starter value packs that provide you with Savvi clothing to wear and share and share codes to gift to potential customers (there are 3 types of optional starter packs - ASK ME!) 

  • Boutique retailers and influencers also have the option of  specialpromotional packs to increase their wholesale discount and perks and allow them to stock up on merchandise for eager customers! 

  • You'll also get significant discounts/credits to purchase more clothing (and pieces just for you!) throughout the year.

Savvi is made for ALL women, with ALL body types, from ALL backgrounds, living ALL different lifestyles.


  • You are wanting to build passive income or additional revenue streams.

  • You want to be part of an empowering movement with HUGE potential financial opportunities (you get out what you put in)

  • You want to empower other women

  • You want to be surrounded by kind, funny, positive, supportive women

  • You get excited for quality, on-trend fashion that is SUPER COMFORTABLE

  • You love sharing your favorite things with friends, family and your following. 

  • You are tired of not living up to your potential

  • You are ready to step outside your comfort zone to achieve greatness.

  • You own a current business with a female customer base.  This can be the perfect PLUG & PLAY add-on to increase your revenue and enhance your quality offerings to customers. 

  • You're in the health, beauty or fitness field and have a client base or following that love athleisure wear and trust your recommendations. 

  • You want to build an authentic, pay-it-forward, business partnered with an ethical, gratitude centered company. 

  • You are ready for an EXCITING CHANGE 

  • You are ready to take control of your future. 


​I love busy people! Busy people know how to get things done. Don't we? We network and connect and know how to manage our time if it is something we are passionate about. We are all "busy" but "busy and productive" is next level! Can you MAXIMIZE your INCOME and your IMPACT by having Savvi in your arsenal?


Could this ultimately give you more freedom, more breathing room, more flexibility to pick and choose other opportunities in life if you didn't have to worry as much about finances? 

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