A Day in the Life

Briana, What do you eat? What is your workout like?
"I get asked these two questions all the time!"

If you have ever wondered what a global body transformation coach (that makes over hundreds of bodies each year for television and many more in day-to-day life) eats and what she does for her workouts for achieving her physique that has appeared on Live Shopping Channels, workout DVDs, numerous fitness infomercials and print ads around the world, then this is a MUST TO DOWNLOAD!Β 

You will get the skinny (ha!) on my homemade super immunity shooter, Β learn the why's behind my supercharged coffee recipe, see an example real day of eating, get 4 BONUS easy go-to recipes and a detailed sample workout day for FREE! You will be emailed the instant download. Β Mystery solved!Β 

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While I am 44, F...The Diet makes me feel like I am 34 and I am focusing on my eating and the 54-year old I want to be. Briana Michel is the REAL deal! I'll be using her "F...The Diet" for the rest of my life. Please check it out!

Mindy T.

Lost 14 lbs and 20 inches in 60 days

I learned that I can do anything I set my mind on. I feel so empowered! I learned to really appreciate my body. I learned that I have more fulfillment from eating healthy and working out now than I could ever have from eating junk. I am so thankful and grateful for this opportunity. This has changed my life 100%

Cahni K.

Lost 12lbs and 21 inches in 60 days

I'm feeling pretty fantastic. I have dropped a few of my stubborn pounds that have been hanging on for dear life...I'm no longer having the intense constant cravings for sugars and bread. My extended family tells me I look healthy and the best of all... my blood sugar levels have been fabulous. These are definitely changes and alterations I could not have done by myself.

Jennifer B.

Lost 8 lbs, 12.5" and decreased insulin for Type 1 Diabetes.

I've been going to the gym faithfully for a few years. I've considered myself in decent shape and didn't think I could change much more without some crazy drastic, eat 5 nuts a day diet.....Briana Michel had proven me wrong... I've had multiple people approach me and ask what I'm doing, so here's YOUR chance to get in the know and let Briana help you too!!


Lost 14 lbs and 19" in 60 days

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