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Have you ever seen an incredible weight loss transformation story on TV where you momentarily get sucked in thinking, “YES, that can be me… well, I want that to be ME! I bet if I had a trainer and a diet coach and knew I was going to show my derriere on TV in a 2 piece bathing suit I would finally get into my best body yet. Like all those celebrities that have a team behind them!” 

Then the commercial ends and you go back to your mocha frappe-something and short-lived high in the form of a pastry as your “breakfast of champions” leaving you feeling a bit deflated, a smidge self-loathing and still without the HOW to get where you want to with your body and health?

Ugh! We have kids, a job or even two, school, cleaning, errands and so many other demands. We end up putting our health and happiness at the back of a very long line.

Hi! I am Briana Michel and for 8 years now I have used my background in integrated holistic nutrition and fitness training to create the coolest and most emotionally rewarding job! I am the walking *asterisk you see on many TV commercials aired around the globe! You know the one that says “Results not typical. Combined with diet and exercise.” But in my world, the results are TYPICAL! They are happening every day!

I create the most effective and easily customizable nutrition programs, then find the eager participants who are not only in need of some pound shedding, but have a great story to tell of their ups and downs with dieting and their motivation to lose weight so publicly now. Then I often create the workout regimen, hold the talent accountable, motivate them and really make them self-evaluate the behaviors and attitude that has landed them “over fat” and “under-performing” in their health and physique goals.

I am able to very quickly and effectively revamp hundreds of bodies each year in a very short amount of time for TV. In some cases in just 4-6 weeks! The whole time I'm actually helping make the participants HEALTHIER, instead of leaving them dieted down to miserable depletion. My enthusiasm for better living also carries over in front of the camera where I often host, co-host or give a testimonial myself.

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What if you could have this magic fairy dust to sprinkle on your own life? What if you knew that if you followed a program, that results are 100% inevitable? What if it didn’t feel like a diet along the way because you felt energized and satisfied? That is why I developed "F...The Diet" 60-Day Total Body Transformation Program for women. You can start today. Are you ready to make lasting changes?

Briana Michel Director's Chair

On the flip side of that coin, I work with TV producers, directors, marketers and inventors to bring a strong product story to life with real testimonials and inspiring results. At DirectResponseTestimonials.com we seamlessly provide everything from the testimonial talent to the lights, camera and action. I love what I do, every day is different!

In 2016, the TV trials grew into an array of actual human research studies performed with world renowned doctors and researchers at one of the most incredible Human Performance labs in the US. This has dramatically broadened my scope of industry reach, managing projects like the ground breaking fascia research with the global selling phenomenon, the Fascia Blaster™, or studying the effects of exogenous ketones or proving the efficacy of any numerous fitness products’ claims! I am a serious science geek and this hits the spot for me every time! I love every day of what I do!

I don’t always stay behind the lens, you can spot me hosting, co-hosting or giving professional testimonials on a wide variety of commercials around the world. I write and host workout DVD’s and create nutrition programs for infomercial and retail products. I got my modeling start doing fitness infomercials, print ads, workout videos and Live Shopping Channel product demonstrations in 2008. The fun never stops because my interests, abilities and scope of work are always evolving.

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No matter how much is on my plate, being a good mother and wife is still my top priority. In 2017, we launched www.MakandMommy.com as a fun and educational resource for the parents who are always asking how to help their families live better.

It is my hope that my daughters are growing up seeing a strong mom with a great work ethic and a focus on doing a little better each day, keeping healthy food and fun fitness a priority. My oldest daughter is an incredible fighter who survived a congenital heart defect and open heart surgery at six days old. She is a case-in-point on being extraordinary and our family wants to lead by example so we do this by appreciating and respecting every amazing thing our bodies are capable of and feeling blessed for every moment we have together on this planet.  We do this through food, movement, respect, appreciation, acknowledgment and being just decent good-hearted human beings!

I have the privilege of working quite often with my husband, Arik (we eloped to NYC and got married on a hotel roof top during a blizzard in March of 2017 – talk about a unique story!). He is the owner of Next30 Productions where we seamlessly work together to produce TV infomercials, testimonials, product shots, interviews and before and after images. He is quite a talented Director of Photography and Videographer, filming many nationally airing commercials for well-known companies like Amscot, Snickers, Kitchen Aid, WWE, Shark and Hoover Vacuums, Gevalia Coffee, Freedom Optimum and Keurig to name a few. I can’t wait to see what else we are able to create together in business and in our personal lives.  In April of 2018 we welcomed our daughter Teagan to the family! My husband is completely outnumbered! 

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