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Briana Michel has over a decade of transforming hundreds of lives and bodies seen on almost 50 different globally airing TV commercials for a wide variety of health and fitness products.  



(Results may air on TV)


There are 3 home cardio devices being trialed. 

Each participant will be matched with just one product for the full 30 days.

Two of the products are more physically intense while the third is geared toward an older, less mobile/active demographic who are looking to get more low impact movement and improve circulation. 


  • ARE A MOTIVATED MAN or WOMAN (Age 40s-70s)

  • Have already been on a weight loss journey recently and would love another tool in your toolkit for stepping up your progress. 

  • Have a great story to tell about your weight loss goals, journey or your driving force to lose weight.

  • Reside in/around the Tampa Bay, FL area

  • Are well-spoken & out-going 

  • Do not have a thick accent

  • Eager to continue to make healthy nutritional changes

  • Are motivated to get daily movement and will followthrough with a home workout regimen. 

  • No tattoos on stomach, hands or full sleeves (please submit photos of tattoos that would show in a tank top. 

  • Have strong follow-through in things you commit to - no "text message dropouts" or "life is too busy" excuses - be in it to win it or don't take someones spot who will make the most of their opportunity! 

  • Cannot be dependent on alcohol or other recreational drugs

  • Will not be vacationing or going on extended travel during the 30 days 

  • See below for more details and to apply

  • You will be matched with ONE of three available fitness products for the full 30 days. 


(A combination utilizing home cardio equipment & healthy whole food eating)

All participants will follow an 30-day healthy nutrition program and participate in the home fitness program. Must have good self-accountability and followthrough)

  • Participants after results as well as video testimonial may air in a television commercial, on Live TV shopping networks as b-role/testimonial, print and/or social media advertising for the product(s).

  • There is NO COST to you to participate.

  • You will get to keep the fitness equipment upon completion of the program

  • Receive a holistic nutrition plan, ongoing nutrition education and coaching for the 30 days

  • Live  periodic group Q & A support calls

  • Weekly virtual weigh-ins

  • Your dedication and follow through is your "payment" for an incredible opportunity - no actual monetary cost for you to participate! 

PROGRAM STARTS IN MAY 2022 - Exact date is TBD and program ends 30 days from the start and will require on-camera interviews about your experience.


  • Mandatory participation in the professional "after" shoot with interview and b-role

    • Must reside in/around the Tampa Bay, FL area to be eligible for participation

  • 30-days of following a healthy nutrition program to NOURISH you lean. This is NOT a deprivation diet! Nutrition program is not adapted for vegans (must be willing to consume some animal based proteins for example: collagen, eggs, fish/seafood or chicken)

  • 30-days of online group support - requires active participation in the private Facebook page

  • Weekly Virtual Weigh-Ins (from home)

  • Periodic group video calls for education, support, overcoming challenges & motivation

  • Regular communication with Briana throughout the program

  • Doing your best for 30-days and providing honest, thorough feedback at the after-shoot. 

  • There is NO COST TO PARTICIPATE. You are NOT BUYING anything - you are part of a trial transformation group for a commercial product that will air on TV.

  • Your application is NOT a "sign-up", it is a show of interest in the trial program and does not mean you are automatically part of the program. We have limited spots and will do our best to choose the candidates that will be the right fit not only for us, but for you as well. We want anyone who is chosen to be incredibly successful, so if we don't think this program may be the right fit for you we will let you know.

  • You will receive a discovery phone call from Briana if we feel you may be a good candidate at this time. If you do not receive a phone call within 72 hours of submission, you can send an email to to make sure your submission and photos were in fact received. 

After you submit your application by clicking the "Apply Now" button BELOW you will also need to

email (

your submission photos following the guidelines below.

When emailing photos be sure to use the subject line: 

"30 Day Fitness + Your Name"

**Your application is NOT COMPLETE until we have received both YOUR ONLINE FORM AND YOUR PHOTOS**


Photos MUST follow these guidelines: 


1. Headshot smiling (can be from your phone, but must have been taken within the last 2 weeks.

  • No sunglasses

  • No hats

  • No filters

  • No black & white pics 

  • Good light

  • Good resolution

2. Full length forward facing photo

  • Men in athletic shorts & no shirt

  • Women in 2 piece bathing suit OR sports bra and shorts OR Fitted light color tank top (no black or dark tops)

3. Full length side facing (profile) in above attire

4. Full length rear facing (back to camera) in above attire

5. If you have any tattoos that are visible in this outfit, please send    closeups of those as well

6. Optional lifestyle photo of when you were heavier - so show your progress on your journey thus far.